How many oz at 7 months old?

I am getting lots of different opinions. My LO is 7 months old, he has 9oz at 8pm, a meal at midday, fruit and yoghurt at 4pm and another 9oz at 8.30. Very occasionally he'll want some toast/rusk as a snack. Water is offered several times a day. I read he should be on at least 16oz a day when fully weaned.

He is putting on weight, is healthy and happy. Some people say he should be on more milk but he does have yoghurt and cheese.

What do you think?

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Hi smiler1985, - :) your name makes me want to smile!

I personally think its a case of, - you know your child best as since birth you've been caring for him & giving him everything that he might need every day since the day he was born.

I'm sure you'll agree that babies tend to change as quickly as they grow & this also effects their milk intake as they become more satisfied with the foods you mentioned.

As you said he's happy, healthy & putting on weight so how ever much ounzes of milk he's taking he is fine with it.


Thank you for both comments. Smiler is what people call me. I think my lo is getting enough. I just started doubting myself when someone questioned it :-(

Oh i see, My daughter is a bit of a smiler & she's just turned 5 months old (lets hope she can keep it up :) )

I just think some people like to be rather nosey at times especially when it comes to babies (very annoying).


I agree. My lo was 9+1 born, so not a delicate bean. I have a smiler too, it's the best isn't it. I hope she stays the same for you. X

Hey smiler - it was me who mentioned 21oz of milk per 24hrs, def no intention to offend. I've just been reading about weaning and that's what I've seen numerous times. I'm the other way with my little one who is still drinking 4 bottles in 24hrs despite doing well on solids!!! Including a night feed unfortunately!

I think the reasoning behind it is so that they get the right vitamins/minerals/calories. From 6 months a lot of their stored nutrition (especially iron crucial to brain development) starts to deplete hence maintaining the milk levels.

I imagine as long as LO is happy with a varied diet and putting on weight it'll be just fine xxx

No offence cause, i just started to doubt myself. My lo has been sleeping from 10pm till 8am since he was 4 months old. I struggle to fit several bottles into a day with his feeds also. I have been reassured that by using follow on milk(with extra iron etc), giving yogurt and cheese that he is getting enough calcium. X

What a good sleeper!! We put LO to bed early so we have 7am starts. He is pretty good in the night but of all the bottles he could have dropped he's dropped the lunchtime one!! I was hoping he'd drop the night feed but there we go! Just out of interest did your LO change from stage 1 milk to follow on without any issues? We use aptamil stage 1 at the mo xx

Don't take this as gospel but the HV's that I know say follow on is not necessary. I am breast feeding, little man 7 months and I brought formula for when combination feeding is necc as I cannot express enough to store, it says SMA First Infant Milk is fine for up to 12 months so that's what I brought and I give Wellkid as well now as I cannot give him enough Iron and such like and he won't be on enough formula (1pint + a day) to benefit from the levels in it X

I suppose either way is fine. As long as they're getting enough food, vitamins and liquids they'll be fine.

It's sods law that you've ended up keeping the night feed. He probably finds it reassuring. Mine wakes at 4am, talks to himself and goes back to sleep. I don't get up unless he seems unhappy. The change of milk caused no issues. We're on C&G follow on now x

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