My 8 week old is refusing some of her feeds, should I be worried?

Right, so Amelia usually feeds quite well and for the past week has been on 6oz of formula 5 times a day. She has also been sleeping quite well at night from about 9:30pm until any time between 5 & 7am. Last night she didn't settle until 12:50, woke up at 6:30 so I fed her. She would only take half the feed. Back to bed at 8, asleep until 12- again only taking half the feed. I'm still waiting for her to wake up for her next feed. She's been happy & smiley in between these feeds, she snuffly & a bit snotty, but has been since birth. Could this be a sign of her becoming unwell, or just a little phase where she genuinely isn't that hungry?

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Maybe she has got a sore throat? Does she seem Ok in herself? Cant really think what else it can be? X


Thanks for replying,. She seems ok in herself, a bit snottier today though and perhaps a little more sleepy. She takes the first few oz fine, but then completely refuses the rest after winding, crying if I put the bottle back in her mouth. I'm baffled as normally you can't get it down her quick enough :/



I think its genuinely just a Lil phase they go trough between 2 and half to 3 months of age as they have been getting the same feed every day every couple of hours since birth.

as long as she taken some form of feed with id say a 12 hour day she should be fine.



I hope your right abenaa :/ like you say at least she's taking some of her feed. I suppose all I can do is see how she goes, she's not going to starve herself. It's just all so new to me xx


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