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Help. My 6 months old wouldn't sleep in his cot

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I tried so many times by putting him in his cot but he keeps on waking up and crying. I dont know what to do? I dont want to disturbs others. How do I get him to sleep in his cot?

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Does he play in there? And do you put him for day time naps in there?

maybe try getting him used to the room might help?

also a friend of my used to put the baby in the moses basket and into the cot for a while so he got used to the different view and no longer hearing your sleeping noises.

does he normally sleep well in moses?

If he's falling asleep in your arms and then waking when you put him down, try warming up the cot first so there's less of a temperature difference. Put a hot water bottle in the cot where you want him to sleep a few minutes before you put him down and take it away right before you put him down so the sheets are still nice and warm.

I hum/ sing to my LO as she's falling asleep in my arms and carry on as I put her down. If she wakes up slightly on 'touchdown' seeing me and hearing me soothes her back to sleep. Stay crouched over the cot for a minute so he still feels you close to him as he falls asleep. If you're sure he's not hungry, wet, gassy or in pain, leave him in the cot to cry and stay with him humming/ singing. If you keep picking him up the second he starts crying, he will learn that all he has to do is cry and he doesn't haven't sleep in his cot. 'Crocodile tears' won't do him any harm, but if he really starts screaming then pick him up and start again.

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Hi sugar123,

where does he sleep during the day?

some babies do tend to pick up on sounds and scents going on around them, so even though he,s sleeping when you but him down he has probably sensed that he is alone.

the best advise i could say is to just keep persevering and if you don't already do this try putting in his cot to have his daytime naps, and gradually he should get used to it.


Def recommend a Gro Bag if not already in one as their temperature won't change as you move them around. Like others, try putting baby in there during the day. I was able to put mine in his cot after his 'dream feed' about 3am. He was too sleepy to realise, but woke up in the morning feeling relaxed.

My daughter loved her moses basket but never ever liked her cot eigher. Shes 3 now and still has 3 bottles of milk in the night still wont sleep through. She has been in my bed since she was 6 months old she refused her cot too. She keeps me awake most of the night

Hi Sugar123.

My advice would be "Don't". He's probably looking for you, your heat and smell and reassuring sound of you breathing. Have you considered co sleeping? It can be a complete win win situation. It certainly has been for us. My LO wakes maybe 3 times in the night next to me and gets a 'dream feed' and I don't think either of us remember much of it in the morning! There are very clear rules on how to keep it safe (easily found online by reputable sources, eg NHS, NCT and a great book by Deborah Jackson called 'Three In A Bed'.) If you dont want them actually IN bed with you, sidecarring with a 3 sided cot attached to your bed is also a form of co sleeping. Honestly - try it. You might never look back! Good luck x

I totally understand and experiencing very similar problems.

Is this for naps and eve sleep?

Is he showing signs of separation anxiety? My little one has been watching the door like a hawk and panics if I go leave through it as well as waking when put down, I try so hard to pick the right moment during a sleep cycle but he still wakes as leaves my arms. I know he can to some extent SS as he been co sleeping this week and have seen him do it but so far tonight I got him back in cot.

Have you tried PU / PD repetition to get him to settle?

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