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My LO is 6 months old and wants to be picked by me all the time. LO wont even go by his daddy. Everytime someone else picks him or if i ignore him. He starts to cry so much that his face goes all red and I then get worried. I tried giving him dummy but he just spits it out. I know its my fault that he wants picking up all the time. But its getting to a point when Im finding it hard to do housework. He even falls asleep in my arms. What should I do to keep him entertained whilst I get on with the housework? Any advice

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Hi, this is a difficult one! Is he breast or bottle fed? If breast would he take a bottle from daddy to enable them to build a bit more of a relationship? I think you would have to gradually teach him it's ok to be on his own and with others. Perhaps you can sit with him and play with him and gradually increase the distance between you. Also have your partner close to you both, especially when your son is calm and content? It will probably take a while though! But I'm sure you will eventually get there xx

His bottle fed and thanks for the advice His really clingy to me aswell

He will learn soon. Get daddy to give bottles when ever possible and also be involved at bath and bedtimes too! These things take time! X

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