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29 weeks second baby had my 28 week antenatal and didn't get measured is this normal?

Hi I feel a bit silly asking as I have had a baby already but I am positive the midwife should of measured my bump and she didn't is this normal? Or is my midwife team a bit incompetent (as I also had to change my appointment as they put me down for 25th march and I would of been 32 weeks not 28) ? Also with my first child I got given one of the midwives work mobile number and this time I have not the only number I got is the hospitals is this normal? I am thinking of complaining or am I overreacting?

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Hmmm the date thing could just have been human error unless it happens again I wouldn't worry.

Regards the measuring, have you Been measured at previous appointments? I can't remember when my mw 1st measured my bump but I know it was quite late on, I think it was 32w but I guess every midwife does thibgs a bit differently. she said its not very accurate any way, even less so before a certain time. Are you worried about the size of your bump? Do you feel like you are particularly big or small? Xx


I no with your first they start measuring at 24 weeks and I looked online and almost every site I have gone on has said 28 weeks you get measured. I am still small but I was small with my first as well I'm not particularly worried its just before this baby I had a miscarriage and I feel like the midwifery team are not doing there job as thorough as they should especially as this is my third antenatal and the first time I heard the LO heartbeat at an antenatal. I did express worries to them on my first antenatal saying about my miscarriage and they didn't do anything and then when I went docs at 22 weeks cause I hadn't felt baby move at all but no one has done anything I even bought a fetal doppler to monitor baby and it was not till 2 weeks ago I felt the baby move so at 27 weeks that's a little late for first movement. But I don't no if it is just me overreacting and feeling as if they should be doing there job a bit better. Xx


Ah sorry for your loss, that must make this time so much harder!

I certainly wasn't measured at 24w I was barely showing, just looked like I'd had a big lunch! Lol

Maybe you should just mention it at your next appt and if they are still not doing it or are dismissive then perhaps make a complaint.

The dopler must be re assuring especially as it was only recently you felt movements. Perhaps your placenta in in the way so it cushions little ones movements?

You are probably feeling extra emotional and anxious after you mc not surprising really. If you are very worried you could ask to see your midwife explain again your concern and that you have only recently felt movement's and you want a re assurance scan.

My sis in law lost a boy at 24 weeks and in her next pregnancy she had scans every 4 weeks she was so anxious xx


That's ok its no ones fault what is meant to be will be, it made the first trimester very hard but once I got past that I have been a lot more relaxed.

The doppler has been very re assuring and yeah maybe I never thought of that.

I am still a little bit anxious but not as much as I was and if things change like the babies movements then I will request a re assurance scan as they can be on and off but for the past 2 weeks they have been enough for me not to worry.

sorry to hear about your sister in law my cousin has had scans every 4 weeks as well but different circumstances.


I would have thought they would have measured you, I moved areas since my birth baby so things do seem to be done a bit differently in different areas. I had an appointment at 27+5 weeks and she measured me then, but as someone else said measurements don't mean that much, as long as you hear the baby's heart beat I wouldn't worry too much about being measured (as long as she does it at your next appointment). I've only been given the hospital number both times, so you were lucky to get the midwife's mobile number last time. If you want to see a different midwife next time, phone up and ask to see someone different before making a complaint, it might just be that midwife was having a bad day, but if you don't trust her and feel confident that she's caring for you properly then you have a right to see someone else.


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