Hi ladies. Firstly just wanted to say thanks to all that share advice and tips on here. The first thing I used to go was look at FB now its


Apart from a hot bath, maternity belt and pillow between the legs does anyone have any advice on aching hips please. Am only 25 weeks and it's been a breeze so far but the last week or so is starting to get me down, just wish I could sleep standing up!!


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  • No advise to offer you other than the pillow which you are doing, but I can sympathise as I can remember this well. I also used to feel an ache on the hip I was lying on in the last month or so - just from the weight of my bump, I padded the bed out with a quilt under the sheet for that.

    Won't last forever though :)

  • Hey, I used a Dream Genie pillow as it support bump and extends down to pass between knees. Paracetamol is safe, I took it 4 times a day from about week 36/37 as the SPD pain was at its worst.

  • I have a birthing ball to sit on of an evening which helps - just make sure you get the right size - 55cm for 5ft to 5ft7 and 65cm for 5ft7 plus. Gym balls are just the same and often cheaper. I also joined an aquanatal class. The weightless movement in the water really helped my joints.

  • Also try a memory foam mattress topper to help support your joints

  • Ask your midwife to refer you for physio, they can give you some exercises to do.

  • Firstly, hot baths loosen the ligaments and can make it more painful. Could try putting more padding (another duvet?) under the sheet to make the bed softer & spread the load. And ask for referral to Obstetric Physiotherapist. Doing your pelvic floor exercises will strengthen your core muscles and will help.

  • I was referred to physio which has helped enormously. I've been diagnosed with spd and the crutches I've been given to help me walk about have minimised the pain and it doesn't hurt half as much as before.

  • Thank you all for your comments. I've got an appointment with the midwife soon so will tell her all then. Have just posted another question as having a right ole while today!

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