What would be the psychological effects on my 9 month old daughter if her mother takes her to meet her parents (away from me) for 3 weeks?

She has been with both of us since she was born. I have not been away from my daughter for more than 2 consecutive nights since then. My wife now wants to take her out of the country to meet her parents and my daughter will be away for around 3 weeks. Will this have any detrimental effect on her psychological development?

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Hey, I'm not really sure what you mean by affecting her psychological development? Do you mean...will she miss you and will she remember you when she comes back?

Even my 6 month old son clearly recognises his grandparents between one visit and the next so I'm your LO will of course recognise you when she returns home!

I can't see any negative impact to her however, I can understand that you will miss her terribly!!x

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It shouldn't have any negative effect on you LO. My son is 7 months and only sees my parents about once a month, he still recognises them and laughs and giggles when he sees them.

Of course you will miss her like crazy! Maybe you could Skype them when they are away?


If by psychological effects do you mean will she remember you as her father?, she may well miss you for the 1st few days of being away from you yes but I personally cant see her having any detrimental effects because of it.

As her father she will definitely remember you and even on her return she will be the same happy, loving Lil girl you also remember.

I dont know your personal living arrangements but could you possibly go with them? or do you need to stay here for work commitments for example?



But it sounds like you're anxious and wish it wasn't happening. Between you, can you come up with ways of feeling ok about this?


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