Raspberry leaf tea..!!??!! Inducing natural labour??

Hiya! Im 36+4. Ive started on the raspberry leaf tea.. 2 teabags a day. Usually 2 cups (from 1 tea bag) in a morning and then 2 cups (from 1 tea bag) in a evening...

Just wondering what peoples experiences/advice are to help induce labour naturally!!??

Its my 2nd baby and desparate to labour naturally as my 1st was an emergency c-sect & all risks increase with induction etc...

Ive also bought a birthing ball to bounce on.. Does this even work to bring baby down? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you :) xxx


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  • Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to tone the uterus so that you'll have a faster labour, it isn't supposed to induce labour. I've drank it and had two natural births - who knows if it helped or not!

    Definitely keep bouncing, I'm sure it gets baby moving. And go for long walks, I've gone into labour after a long walk both times.

    Good luck, I hope it kicks off soon :-) x

  • Keep active..bouncing. .walking etc. The raspberry tea is to soften the cervix. .if your baby isnt ready then it wont hav too much of an affect..x

  • Hiya, I've tried raspberry leaf tea in the past but I don't think I was very good at remembering it! I have a long history of going well over my D-Day so this time I am trying dates - there was a very interesting study a couple of years ago about women eating dates for the last 4 weeks of pregnancy it was a only a small one off piece of research but the results were so good (not just more 'on time' babies but lower haemorrhage rates for example - it seems to make the uterus contract well) that it seems worth trying. Having said that I am currently 2 days past my due date and still pregnant but for me that is not bad going especially as I feel more like something might happen soon than I have in the past... will let you know how it goes! There is a summary on this website (point no.13) along with a link to the original research: bellybelly.com.au/birth/nat... All the best. x

  • Hi

    I had my 2nd child last November 13' & although I've never or even got to try drinking this raspberry leaf tea I spent a lot of time on a birthing ball & successfully went into labour at 39+4 wks of gestation.

    I'm not sure if it was the fact that I also kept a lot active with also having a 4 yr old child to look after but I was very happy regardless as I very narrowly escaped having a c- sec with my 1st child back in 2008.

    My advise is keep bouncing on that birthing ball & stay as active as you can as it definitely helps for the whole labour process & for when you get home to tend for your other child.

    Good luck! :)

  • I did pineapple, spicy curry, sex, raspberry leaf tea & used a birthing ball but needed to be induced in the end -as baby was far too comfy! When the time comes my tip to you is walking up and down stairs to speed up labour.

  • birthing ball helped me raspberry tea not

  • Thanks for these replies. My partner has just been out to buy a birthing ball for me to sit on so glad that most of you think it will help!! I'm 35+3 and getting very uncomfortable especially at night time and after eating. Might try the raspberry tea too!

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