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Hello ladies what do early labour contractions feel like?


Hi ladies I'm 40+4 days today, have had no show or other symptoms but baby is engaged now and from this morning I've been having that heavy period pain like feeling in my lower back and abdomen and also some mild twinges? Are these contractions? I know it sounds silly but is that what early labour feels like I am very confused :( Let me know your experiences Xx

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Hey. Yes that definitely sounds like early labour symptoms to me!! Sounds like your body is starting to get ready now :Dxx

Sounds like it to me too! Exciting :-) I had a very slow start with my first (I think it's pretty common for first babies to muck about for a while). When you start feeling a pain low in your tummy with a definite start and end point you'll know they're 'proper' contractions. Start timing when they're really uncomfortable but don't worry if they're irregular to begin with, regularity will come with intensity.

Good luck whenever it starts, I hope all goes smoothly :-) x


yeh sounds like it, I had quite light pain then as the night went on the pain intensified, it started about midnight, I went to hosp at nxt morning 10am, stayed at home till I cudnt walk then had my son at 6pm tht day, have a warm bath and gd luck

Sometimes it can be easier to feel with your hands than with your womb! When you have those twinges or a throb of 'period pain' put your hands on your bump and see if you can feel it hardening up - I would say if you are having a corresponding solid bump you are having a contraction. That said the pains by themselves could be an indication that labour is imminent so don't discouraged if not. Feeling with your hands can give you a better idea when you are timing the length of contractions to as a midwife will time them in this way. Hope you have a lovely birth-day! x

To me that sound like early labour signs I could only explain them when I've been asked as period like pains. Good luck :-) x

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