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Midwife support in Basildon Essex

Hi All, I'm expecting my 2nd baby in September and I have received no support from any midwife.

Ive sent numerous messages for appointments etc. But I was told they would let me know soon.

The service has changed since my last baby as my midwife was in touch all the time and made appointments in advance. This time I'm 7 weeks and barely any contact.

Has anyone else experienced this??

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi hun I would have thought that you would be getting a letter any day now with a booking appt with a mw then will be 12wk scan after that. Id give it a couple more weeks then start to nag lol xx


U dont normally see midwife till 9 weeks for booking app but with ur second I think u see the midwife less unless you are high risk x


Thanks both. Hope your well?

Maybe I'm just a little eager to find out.

It's difficult as my little one is going to nursery soon and I'm going back to work so I would like to know when my apt is so I can plan around it xx


maybe call hosp and see if they know when it is and explain the above or say u plan on going to see family abroad in coming weeks so need to know so u can book flights or something, I always make something up so they will tell u lol. I understand u want to know when ur app is x


Good Idea I will have to try that. I called the ante natal dept and they said I have to wait and until the midwife let's me know. the woman who works on the reception is really rude. It's frustrating because I cant plan ahead x


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