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Contraception after birth

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After having my son in June of last year, I opted for the implant. It did cause me to have a period/bleeding every second week. I went back to the clinic and they put me on a mini pill on top of the implant to try and stop the bleeding and feeling drained. I have been taking this for 6 weeks now and at first it seemed to work but I have started having a period every second week again. Should I have the implant removed?

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I had the implant, not after childbirth though, but it didn't agree with me. I spotted constantly. There was no point in me being on contraception if u get my drift ;-)!!! I had it removed after a year n went back on the combined pill. If only they could remove the side effect of spotting on the implant, it'd be fab!!

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I was thinking that. What's the point in having it really lol. Thanks

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I had the implant a couple of years ago and bled constantly git put on mini pill to stop it but got fed yo of it had it taken out... 2 pregnancys later ny little boy is 11weeks and I've had this one in for a month now and im bleeding but for my sanity im keeping it in no more children fir me! Have U looked at the coil that's meant to be fab and last 5years

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Yes but the look of it puts me off lol.

I was planning on having more children anyway so maybe it's not such a bad idea.

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Lol I always think that about the coil too!! Lol. Sticking to the pill for me :D

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I had the Mirena IUS and it was fantastic. Much better then the old fashioned coil, which I'd tried before.

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After having my LO I went to doctors and they have tried and tried to push the implant on me. I went back on the pill instead but kept forgetting to take it so I have been back and had the injection. Only downsides are that it can last upto a year after it supposed to be gone( only a bother if you plan on having any more) and you have to have it every 12 weeks but fingers crossed I've never had a bleed while I've been on it, sorry for the essay! (I'm really needle phobic but decided I needed to man up if I didn't want any more bambinos!

I'm on the implant and have had no problems. (Nearly had it 6 months) I'm not exactly sure what "make" the mini pill is. But I spoke to someone about contraception at my local childrens centre and she recommended I asked for levest incase I did spot or have a period. A different pill might balance you out

I also had the "implant" about 3 months after giving birth to my son back in 2008.

Just like yourself I seemed to have a period every 2nd week of every month for about 4-5 months.

But I believe once my hormones settled down due to having the implant in my periods stopped completely.

I'm now on the mini pill after giving birth to my 2nd child in November 2013 & I haven't yet had a proper period so I think it's all down to how your hormones deal with the contraception.

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I had two implants consequtively for over 5 years. Before it I have very long heavy painful periods. For the first month on the implant I bled constantly, but after that I didn't have any problems at all, no pain, no bleeding... so for me it definately worked and I would try it again. But friend have had completely different reactions when they tired it

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