ill ill ill!

It's been two weeks now and I'm still feeling like crap. ..2nd lot of antibiotics in 6 weeks...another chest infection. ..bunged up sinus pain in my face...haven't been able to taste or smell (which was a bonus after eating sprouts) ;) but gutting as I love my food and can't even taste my favourite christmas tipple of baileys ! Luckily little man is ok so that's the main thing but I just can't wait to feel better... anyone got any magic cures?

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Nope! I've been ill for 3 and a half weeks. No taste and smell except every now and then. No hearing in my left ear for over a week now.....walk in clinic for 2 hours and antibiotic ear drops today. Persistent cough and bunged up head!! So frustrating. No magic cures as yet, only boiling hot baths with plenty of steam to help unblock my head for a little bit. I wish you better asap. It's horrible! xx


I can't hear or if my right ear... so annoying being ill eh x


Oh dear :-(

It must be a right "bummer" to be ill at this time isn't it.

I must admit that I did take a Lil tipple of Bailey's this xmas despite still breastfeeding I only had 1 glass & felt a bit tipsy ( its been too long I say)

But I also wanted to add you could try drinking some ginger tea ( many supermarkets sell it now in a granule kind) for about £2.00 & it can help you gain some of the taste back as well as giving you a lil boost of energy.



Thanks abenaa will try it today x


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