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Loonggg perrioddd!!!!

Hi all lovely ladies.i've got a problem with my period.i had cc 18weeks ago with no first period came after 6weeks and lasted 5days.second one lasted 12days! This one its been going for 13days already and it doesnt seem to be stoping :( after my first one i started using mini pill Nacrez so not sure if thats why.i've had blood test done but its all good.not sure what to think or gets me down as i cant carry on like this.i even thought about surgery but i'm only 31.has anyone had similar problem?x

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Hi Neska,

Not sure I know what CC stands for, but with regards long period -- I was going to suggest you might have polycystic ovarian cyst, but since your blood work came back okay I am not sure what to say. Maybe ask for another test, specifically looking for signs of PCOS?

I had long/heavy periods -- sometimes lasting as long as 5weeks -- my family would call me the woman with the issue of blood in jest but it can be very uncomfortable. I later went on the pill which controlled it. I have to add that I could also go as long as 16months with no period.

I am not sure if this is any help but further test is highly recommended.


I had to take mefenamic acid tablets to stop my period as also went on for about 14 days after stopping breastfeeding for about 15 months. My cycle is back to normal now. Talk to your doctor.


Thank you for your replies. I was diagnosed with PCOS 3years ago and had cysts removed. Then i got pregnant last year and had my daughter 4months ago. Gp prescribed me tranexamic acid but it doesnt work.hope it will finish before Christmas cos its driving me crazy :( x


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