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Baby sleep eat scream

For the past few days al my little one has done is sleep eat and scream, when i say scream its a really horrible scream and not even a cuddle will stop it, he gets so upset that he like hyperventilates and sometimes falls asleep from crying so much! im exhausted my other half and i are both ill but he just sleeps through the screaming and i just dont know what to do :'(

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could your baby be suffering with "colic" perhaps ?

Im no professional "or anything" but I believe it's a very common thing for babies to have either by breastfed or bottle caused by a Lil bit of trapped wind.

My daughter who is now just passed 6 wks old has recently showed me a possible symptom of colic & ive tried "gripe water" which definitely helps with her bowel movements, or I 've also heard "colief" is also good to try.


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Sounds like could be colic...try wonders..its expensive but I just went too drs and told them that it works so can I get it on prescription. X


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