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I think im going mad

Hi everyone i am 48 years and not had a period since 7th june now i know im not going through the menopause because i had bloods done about march last year i have also done two pregnancy tests and both come back negative i dont know what else to think or do for that matter i am having a lot of pregnanccy symptoms such as a really bad back tendor brests feeling sick and occaisional dizzy spells but i keep thinking no way cause im to old for all that now anyone got any answers that woyld help please

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You poor thing!!! It must be a worry. I would go to the doctor and explain. I think they may re do the tests for the menopause as that was last year. They can also do pregnancy test and bloods if not sure. The doctor will also know if those symptoms are for another condition that you may not have thought of. Have you been stressed lately? I know when i had a hard time and was completed stressed out i missed my period but still had all the period feelings like tender boobs, nausea, back ache, tummy ache etc. I hope you get it sorted!! Good luck!!


I'd go back to your doctor and ask to be re tested for menopause. A lot can happen in the 21 months since you were last tested. My aunt had a similar thing. Was tested, came back negative was re tested 6months later and it confirmed she was going through menopause! X

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Hello, a similar thing happened to me, I am 31. I hadn't had a period for 14 weeks so I did a PT and it was negative. I went to the docs in floods of tears asking them to check for menopause and they said that there was nothing to suggest that. I went back a week later as I still hadn't come on and it was driving me insane, they re took my bloods and asked me to go for a scan as may have cyst on my ovaries. The scan revealed I was 7 weeks pregnant. I would go back to the docs and ask them to check the HCG levels in your blood, if it is lower than 25 then I would say you are not pregnant. Mine was 25,000 on my bloods.


Thanks guys appreciate that it is driving me nuts


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