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4 month old eating less after injections - bf exclusively? Advice please!


My 4 month old has started to eat less in the last three days which coincidentally follow her last set of injections on Wednesday. She also started waking up every 2 hours in the last couple of nights, I'm assuming because she's hungry but she won't always eat, just wants a cuddle. She's exclusively bf, and the pattern goes like this: she will start feeding, then do so for maybe 3 minutes and the stop, pull away, maybe look up and smile at me - just acts disinterested and doesn't want to feed anymore. She's normally been feeding every 2/3 hours but now even after 3 hours she wasn't that hungry. I've read loads about sleep regression at 4 months, I'm not sure if this is connected or is it just BS?? Anyone went through the same? She also seems to have some phlegm at the back of her throat which makes me think another cold is coming? I've called GP but they seem pretty useless saying wet nappies= all ok, but she really is eating much less. I can only hope this will pass... Anyone?? thanks xx

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Very strange, my little boy sometimes has off days of barely eating but he makes up for it the following day, 3 days is quite a long time in my opinion. It's unlikely to be anything serious, Particularity if she is ok in herself but I'd call gp in the morning and insist on getting an appointment. No matter what the issue, an appointment should always be given to a child, especially a baby! X

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