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Milk flowing too fast! Help!

Im really struggling to feed my 3 week old baby due to my milk flowing too fast for her. She gets very distressed and pulls away screaming. Has anyone else had a similar experience? and know when things might get better? im really stressed out about this and even considering switching to bottle feeding :-(

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The plus side to all this I guess is the fact that your baby is well fed, but no, im sorry I personally dont experience this & I have a 2wk old Lil girl (profile pic)

If you feel as if she may be getting ba Lil too distressed by this you could maybe try expressing your breast milk & feeding her through some feeding bottles with the slow flow teets.



maybe try and express and use a slow flow teet on bottle and see if tht helps ur little one x


Hey!! I had the same problem!! Try taking your index finger and middle finger (like scissors) and gently clamping them round the nipple and apply a bit of pressure onto your boob! (Hope that makes sense!)

Unfortunately with me, this only worked for a day or 2. But hopefully will be longer lasting for you. In the end, after 5 weeks I switched to bottles xx


Is it when ur boobs go hard and then it starts to flow fast a few minutes after feeding them? The only thing I can think of is to take her off until it stops flowing so fast and say pretend to wind her until it stops and then put her back on again?


We had a similar issue - found two 'solutions'

1). Express for 5 minutes before feeding my LO

2). I have quite a huge let down reflex and found that heat pads before feeding helped - I guess it relaxes and dilates everything so there's less pressure

It didn't last for longer than 3 or 4 weeks, thankfully. My LO is such a piglet that he would be lying there trying to drink and breathe at the same time, half killing himself in the process!! Boys!


Hiya. My LO is only a week old so very new to this but I'm definitely over producing milk and its super fast.

She copes at the beginning so its not my let down reflex.

She just coughs and splutters after 5mins or so but last night I found that if I do the rugby Ball postion but have her sort of sitting upright she coped better with it. And it's still helping today but who knows what 2nite might bring! !!


I suffered with this with my youngest and found a very simple solution to the problem - make gravity work AGAINST you. When you feed, recline yourself back (support your lower back with pillows or cushions) and have baby laid belly to belly on top of you. this makes the flow slower as its effectively flowing uphill (hope that makes sense)

This then slows down the flow enough to allow your baby to control the milk flow themselves more effectively.

It will get better as your supply evens out, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for this to happen. Relax and go with it. You and your baby are learning new skills and this takes time. Remember to take time out for you, being a new mum is hard enough when everything is going "perfectly" but when you have issues to deal with it can be tough. Stick with it, it's really worth it :D


I also had this problem and was on the brink of giving up which really upset me! Once my milk had let down and started to flow fast is take Lo of and hold a breast pad underneath until it stopped then put her back on. She screamed for a few seconds but it was better overall. She also got stomach ache from gulping trying to control my milk but try and persevere it will get better! I used to feed on one side and be soaked on the other! It wore me down to the point of crying but I had a great midwife and like other have said at least you know they're getting enough! My boobs didn't sort themselves out til LO was about 10 weeks and now we barely leak! It's just a slow process while our bodies adjust!


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