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Organic baby products

Hi everyone, I know there has been a lot of posts recently about what products to use on our precious little ones - I just thought I'd post my experience.

So up until now I've been using the typical brand products with no real problems but I did notice my baby's skin was a little rough in places. After hearing some comments on here I remembered that a friend had bought some organic baby products when he was born.

So...I put them to the test over the last 3 days and oh my goodness his is so much softer and smoother! My hands are also softer which is a bonus!

Obviously every little baby is different but I was so unexpectedly surprised at the difference I decided to share.

Not sure how much they were but I'll definitely be looking to keep using them now xxx

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Hi hun can I ask what the brand is? My lo gets a few patches of dry skin (possibly from swimming) xx


It's the Little Green Sheep - I've tried the body wash, shampoo and nappy balm. Looks like Dr Fluffy had a good recommendation too xx


Thanks hun ill find it and give it a try xx


I'm so glad we got a Bert's Bees Baby Bee set for my baby shower - I almost certainly wouldn't have bought their products without having tried them, as they're not the cheapest, but my LOs skin is lovely :-)


I use johnsons and my sons skin is absoloutely perfect too! obviously if there had been some kind of reaction I wud change but theres not so I hav stuck with it, good job as I am not made of money and some of these products on the market r ridiculously expensive. as you say every child is different and its what suits x

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I use earth friendly baby, my daughters hair is still incredibly 'baby' soft (she's nearly 2)as is mine! (I use her shampoo as my hair rapidly fell out when she was born and I didn't want to put more chemicals on it) and the lavender wash conks her out! Often really good deals on it in sainsburys and waitrose x


Hey hey, if you are interested in organic baby products I get my 100% organic products from this sweet English online shop

Here you find everything also for your little ones skin


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