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Mucus plug

Have I lost my mucus plug?

So I gets up this morning and goes to the toilet to find a lot of discharge on the tissue after wiping. Ive been having a reasonable amount of discharge all the way through my pregnancy anyway midwife said its fine its common but the amount I had this morning was not like usual. It was thicker and stringy all I can describe it as is semen but that's not possible as I haven't had sex. I've read on the internet that women do describe it as looking like semen sometimes it can be bloody or clear ect but I just wondered has anyone experienced this I will be 37 weeks Monday and been havin really painful practice contractions too.

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It does sound like your plug, so keep an eye on the contractions ? Length and how regular they are . Good luck x


Yeh sounds like it. ..i lost mine over few days and was bit bloody. Keep an eye on braxton hicks as they shudnt really b tht painful. .more of a tightening feeling. X


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