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Anything I can do to help babys cold?


My poor baby has a cold :( he's had it a few days, not running a temp but has sneezes, blocked nose, coughs and a swore throat. HV and MW all saying he's perfectly fine, just a little cold so to 'observe' him. I am getting slight touch of cold too and don't want to make him worse! Anything I can do to help him? Or take myself that's safe - he's EBF. Thanks x

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Hey! When Hugo had cold we used a bit of baby olbas on his clothes and bedding and sat him in a steamy room for a while! Helped a bit but unfortunately all you can do is ride it out! :( lasted about 10 days xx


I hav got one of those nasal aspiratiors..u put it up there nose and it gets any excess snot a little hoover but a manual one just works on air and suction. My little one had a bit of sniffles last week and yes as rach says a steamy room..I put his moses basket in the bathroom while I had a shower and shut the door and the steam did help. Xx

My little one had a cold so i used saline nasal spray, worked really well x

joda in reply to CarolineDarz

How old do they have to be to use that??? He's only 13 days old x

I had saline nose drops for little boy when he was 17days xx try putting olbas on a tissue at top of his crib and don't let the room become to warm and stuffy xc its horrid when they poorly :-( xx

CarolineDarz in reply to joda

From birth, got it from boots

:( Ok, poor baby just wants mummy cuddles. Every time put him down for five or even give him to daddy (when normally wants daddy cos he gets to move around) cries and cries. Only sleeping an hour at a time today to. Will try shower thing after. Then hopefully he'll sleep well tonight and feel a bit better in morning. In meantime mummy will worry it out... remember when a cold used to be something you just got on with? In baby seems such a huge thing! x


arrrhhh! bless him

Unfortunately for young / newborn babies there's not much we can do but to help them fight it off Im afraid :(

The 1st thing which came to my mind is do you have one of those nose aspirator things ( usually bought as part of a baby grooming pack) as this might be the best chance you have of clearing his Lil nose out.

My 8week old baby has had a cold for nearly 2weeks but its slowly going now.i used calpol saline nasal spray(you can use it from birth),i put wedge pillow under the mattresse,taking her in the steamy bathroom,olbas oil on the can also buy menthol crystals and put couple in the bowl with hot water.and offer your baby milk as much as you dr said about giving little bit of water between feeds but i wasnt sure about that and didnt do it.hopefully that helps and your little baby will get better soon. Xx


Prop up the head side of his crib/cot and if it was cold id say put wet towels over the radiators to create moisture in the air but it's not cold enough for radiators to be left on.. Like ceribean said put him in the bathroom while u have a bath or shower. .. also fresh air is good so take him for a walk if it's not raining tmw. .. and all the other tips are great tips too hope he is better soon x

cuddles (all three of us had cold, so went to group cuddles for us), bay olbas or vicks vapors n the clothes, warm water in the nose (to loosen snot), nasal aspirator to pull it out (it becomes a fun game eventually after some crying). I also used wet ear buds to pull out the remains gently. And gave warm oil mixed with basil leave massage at the forehead and nose (downward movement as if you are pushing snot out and I used kitchen olive oil) . It lasted for 4 days and is now good :)

I love your pic! Wr had some fonr when little man was 10 days. Lovely memento xx

The saline sprays are amazing, really help with congestion (you can get adult versions too!!)

Also rubbing vick on the feet is good but not sure what age you can do this from so would have to check And if you have one of those oil burners put one in the room with a few drops of olbas oil in the water. Hope LO feels better soon xx

Thanks all. Shower thing really seems to have helped. Had him in 3 times through night as he was so frustrated with himself. Mind think third time he was putting on just a bit cos he liked steam so much, and we had one or two of his attention coughs which was nice to hear. Hopefully get into boots today, depending on when HV is coming. Cuddles and more cuddles seem to be the order of the day. Learning how my OH feels now when I try and do everything myself and am clearly struggling. If baby would cry more I'd feel better, but like when he gets hiccups he just stays quiet and tries to clear his throat with little growls until its to much :( anyway he's getting some sleep at mo so hopefully will feel a bit better for it x

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