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Does anyone no when I can expect my first period after having a baby.

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My daughter is 6 weeks old now (flown over cant believe it). Iv had pain fforpast 2 days I thought was cramp but I haven't came on yet and not even sure if am due yet? X

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I'd be interested in this answer too. I still have a little post partum (just using normal liners) 3 weeks on. Are you BF'ing? I think that may effect it? X

My LO was 8 weeks old when I got my 1st period x

I got it at 6 weeks and than at 8 weeks (6 weeks one me and my GP thought is still lochia, so lots of tests to confirm its all out of me).

I am breastfeeding a lot (also topping up ) so little unsure if I would continue getting them (now we are 10 weeks)

Hi ladies if you are exclusively breastfeeding dont expect a period until you reduce the feeds or stop although its not unheard of to still have them whilst feeding. When I was bottle feeding I had one around 6/7 weeks post partum xx

If you are breastfeeding as 2 princes1princess says you would often not get a period until weaning to solids or if you stopped. You can really only be reasonably sure of that if your baby is feeding at least every four hours so with a baby who does not feed at night they can return earlier (as with my first when I had my first period when she was about 9/10 wks. With the others who all slept close and fed in the night I didn't have a period until closer to their first birthday! (actually, about 7 months with my second child, 10 months with my 1st son and a year with the 2nd).

I asked the health visiter when she came for my 6 week check yesterday you can get a period any time from 5 weeks xx

Thanks everyone that makes sense iv just stopped breast feeding last week as she was constantly feeding and hungry so shes on formula now. Thanks again

My baby is 13 weeks and I still haven't had a period (I'm bottle feeding)

Got mine exactly 3 months after she was born. Was also bottle feeding x

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