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Does or did anyone else feel lazy at 39 weeks of pregnancy?

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I feel so lazy and tired all the time. I have 2 kids already and apart from cooking and getting my son up and taking him school. I do nothing. Sometimes I clean up during the day but at night I sometimes clean up or I will fall asleep with my son. I have no one else who wants to help with housework. My hubby does look after the kids that if he is at home and not at work. I have so much housework to do now like folding laundry and washing dishes. I feel like I should be doing housework but I am instead laying down. I read on the internet that women have nesting feeling before the baby is born. I wasnt like with my daughter or my son. Am I the only one who feels like this? Does or did anyone else feel like this at this stage of their pregnancy? Thanks Ladies

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Hey hun I'm 39+3 today and I'm soooo lazy :) this is my first though so I don't have to look after any other kids but I haven't had the nesting and I sleep all day !!! I was just thinking today when will the nesting kick in cause my house could do with a good clean but I just haven't got the energy for it hopefully I get at least one day when I'm in the ball before my lil man gets here, so your not on your own hun xxx

Nope definitely not alone! Im 39+5 and have only had half a day where I actually felt "normal" in the last few weeks and that day didn't end well! I also have 2 kids and loads of housework I want to get done just really haven't got the energy or motivation to do it!! Xx

Hey thanks for the replies. Im usually the type of person who doesnt leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight or fall asleep at 8.30 pm. But usually I have and I just want to get all the housework before the baby arrive. But I just feel tired all the time. Hubbys is okay about it but he doesnt left a finger around the house. I just dont want his sis in laws judging me when the baby comes. Because thats what they do

I felt so lazy the last month of my 'nesting' period (if that is what it was) happened before that and not right at the end. It was more about 35wks when I ran around cleaning and washing the baby's clothes and getting organised. After that all I could face doing was sitting around and felt exhausted! You are definitely not alone :-)

On top I might end up with a c section again . I have opted for a vbac but you never know with labour and on top I havent got a birthing partner. I just dont want anyone judging me

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No one should judge you or has the right to do so.....if they do, just tell them where to go! :D

Fattyboom I have my hospital bag storted and all the babys clothes washed. Im just finding it hard keeping on top of normal housework. Btw your baby is so cute. How old is he and what is his name?

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Well then you are prepared for the important things :-)

Thank you :D his name is James and he's 4 weeks 2 days....and I still feel lazy lol!! x

Fattyboom You are right but Im too nice to tell anyone where to go. lol

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Haha! Fair enough....just ignore them then :-)

Fattyboom Yes I prepared for the most important thing. Awww bless him and enjoy him. They dont stay that small for long. I remember when my 1st was birn and now he is nearly 5. Time flys

Hi Sugar, alls I can say is that it is a much more sensible way to spend the last days before a new baby arrives than clearing out all the cupboards and drawers that you can find and getting worn out! I am a definite nester but I am really lazy the rest of the time so maybe it is tidy people who kick back and have a lazy last week or so of pregnancy!

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