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Things I didn't know that u need to be aware of

If u have had a previous section. .. when u have another baby. .. when u go into labour u are supposed to let the hospital know and go in. .. not wait till ur contractions are 5 minutes apart but 45 minutes apart! I think it's disgusting that they never told me this in my 2 previous pregnancies... so all u ladies that have sections hope this helps x

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That's good to know for the future! Never heard that before x


I had my section 15 years ago and no one told me! Also if u feel pain in ur scar when having braxton hicks or contractions u need to tell them and go in x

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Good to know!!had section 12weeks ago with my first I would like to start trying for her sis/bro next yr!!


I have had a previous section and was never told this, mind you I had my daughter an hour and a half after my labour started so got there ASAP anyway.


I Had a section with my last and nobody has mentioned this to me, Thank you for giving the heads up!! In fact there seems to be a lot of things they are "forgetting" to mention to previous section patients.


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