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Growth scan at 31+4? I thought I was ok but getting really worried about it now. Anyone else had to have growth scan? What should I expect?

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We saw the mifwife last week. She measured me and I'm same as last time - 28cm. In three weeks its no different and yet I feel huge! !!.

I know in my head that the measuring tape thing is not very accurate and everybody has commented on how the belly is growing so I think it will be ok but there's always that part of me that just has to be pessimistic and think the worst.

I can't believe I've got to wait until Thursday to find out :-(

She seems to be moving around ok in there so maybe I should just relax about it but anything concerning the baby totally freaks me out.

Will this scan just be like the 20week one?

Anyone else had to have growth scans?

Thanks x

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Try not to worry! I had growth scans at 28 and 34 weeks because of my low bmi, everything was as it should be, estimating a normal 8lb baby. Then at 36 weeks my bump was still measuring 32cm, same as last time it was measured 3 weeks before! Had another growth scan and baby had still grown!! :) the scan was still predicting 7.5lb - 8lb baby and he was 6.12lb so even the scans aren't that accurate!! I'm sure everything will be fine, they just like to be cautious with these things! X

Would say relax but is worrying. I had one at 28 wks and everything was fine. Is just like 20wk scan, but you'll see the doc afterwards to explain what the sonographer will have already told you. My bump not really grown much since then (about 4cm more is all) and I'm due on fri. Haven't had another growth scan. Said i'm not very big so common sense says baby won't be big so maybe same for you? 2 weeks is quite a long wait so would think they aren't overly worried, which is no help to you cos even though I knew was probably ok I worried myself sick waiting for the scan, and as turned out baby was not only fine but measuring a week ahead at the time, and has not stopped using me as a bouncy castle the whole time. So would say if plenty of movement don't stress to much. Hope that helps a little bit x

I haven't been in your position with the scan but will just say that two of my babies went through a phase in the middle of my pregnancy where they dropped below the line of the growth chart and midwife commented on it but then they 'picked up' again - I came to the conclusion that they just didn't put as much work in to growing at that stage as the 'average' baby. Just as babies have growth spurts and slower growing times once born I think they sometimes just vary from the norm in growth in utero. Your baby sounds happy and bouncing in there and as you say that is the most important thing. I hope all goes well with you.

I had growth scans every two weeks from 25 weeks - it's a shorter version if your 20 week scan.

Mine were all done by a consultant obstetrician - was such a frequent flier they also gave me a 4D glimpse of by by at about 29 weeks :-D

Try not to worry - the old tape measure is even less reliable than ultrasound :-p. Good luck, and think if it as an extra sneak peak at bubba! Xx


When we were with the midwife I was excited to think I'll be seeing baby again and she was very reassuring but then as time goes on my irrational side starts to take a hold :-)

I'm sure it'll be fine. Need to be positive :-)

I had to have a growth scan two wks ago and panicked like you but everything was fine. My bumps measuring big but I've got too much fluid.

I've got another scan tomo which I'm stressing about but I'm sure it'll be fine just like the last one :) try not to worry xx

I just had a 32 week scan yesterday (though these are standard at my hospital) and was told I need another growth scan in 4 weeks. Having also had one at 24 weeks to check an anomaly which turned out to be fine, I would say don't worry. Most of the time they are so unbelievably cautious, for every one woman they find something wrong there's 99 who are tortured with worrying and googling! If your baby is moving around it'll be fine I'm sure, and as Dr Fluffy says, it's a chance to get another cheeky look at the LO! xx

Try not to worry, you'll get to find out why /if you're measuring small. And the reason if there is one. It is worrying but as long as baby is happy and moving around :-). I had 6 growth scans as baby was only small so they induced me early (she was 5lb 4) she's 19 weeks old now and catching up fast to all the other babies her age. I was the same as you measured 28 at around 32 weeks, they all seem to panic now when there's a small baby potentially as there's so many big ones being born!!

Good luck with the scan and you'll get to see baby again :-) x

My mum had natural births at full term and both my sister and I were 5lb ers so maybe it's just my genes! !!


I had a few growth scans in the last ten weeks of my pregnancy. The midwife tape always said i was bigger than the scans showed. The scans also showed that i was going to have another big baby, so was booked in for a c.section (my 3rd). I was huge. The big surprise when my little boy was born was he weighed 6lb 11oz. Don't worry, all will be fine xx

Thanks for all your replys, its so good to know so many of you have had them too. Makes it a bit more run-of-the-mill.

I ws back at work today and had to go up a size in my scrubs top so I must have grown since friday! !!

We've got scan tomorrow pm so ill let you know.

Thanks guys x

Ps my brother and me both small babies, maybe it runs in the family!

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I didn't realise there might be another chance to see Baby Nutella! Does everyone get to have a growth scan? I thought 20wks was the last time we'd see her before 'the big day'.

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Its not a usual thing. I thought the 20 wk scan was the last. But midwife said I was measuring small so need a scan to check baby's size. I just hope everything is all ok.

She's been very busy in there, in fact I think she's been trying to get out through my belly button today!!! Lol :-)

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Im 27 weeks tomorrow. When do they start trying to measure the baby?

Hi, I'm going to have a growth scan at 28 weeks (18 december) and probably later at 32 and 34 weeks.

I think it's a bit ridiculous as so far it's based on the fact that my BMI is low, no measuring of the bump and the baby is growing ok (I had an extra scan for the cervix before the 20weeks scan). I've always been tiny (1,60cm - 43kg) and years ago when I had a proper visit at the gym (measuring my bones and fat) my correct weight was calculated 42kg so I'm definitely healthy, I love cooking and eating good food and having an active style of life, I don't understand why the BMI is not calculated properly or why no deepen check-up is done before starting with all these scans. I'm happy though I'll have scan soon so they'll check my placenta as well (now low lying) :)

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