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10 weeks and still not heard from the midwife

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I'm now 10 weeks pregnant and have not heard from my midwife. I have rang 3 times and left messages with other midwives but heard nothing back. I'm type 2 diabetic and this is my first pregnancy. Feeling very alone as no one except my husband knows I'm pregnant. Any advice?

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You should have defo heard back by now, the midwives here insist on seeing you by 9 weeks for booking, chase them again

That is kind of unacceptable and if I were you I will keep calling. Also why don't you try your gp, I saw my one when I was 5-6 weeks and she got app for me in the hospital with the midwife.

Hope you get app soon hon normally they are meant to see you around 8 weeks just to get family history etc and then your first scan is at 12 weeks but you should be priority as you are diabetic.

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I saw my GP on Thursday for my diabetic assessment and he just told me to keep trying the midwife so I will but when ever I leave a message the others just say she'll ring me when she's free. Getting a little annoyed now.

Do you have a diabetes nurse that you see? She will probably help get you into the hospital diabetes/midwife service.

Or Maybe give your GP a ring. No need for appt but get them to call you back and they should chase it for you.

Do you test your blood sugars 4times a day?

And are they pretty stable?

If they're pretty good I wouldn't worry too much but you neef to have really tight control whilst pregnant.

Are you on insulin or just tablets?

Sorry for all the questions.

Good luck xx

I'm diet only at the moment but my GP is going to refer me to the diabetic unit at the hospital as he thinks I'll need either tablets or insulin during my pregnancy. I just feel like I need some support and I'm not getting it right now. Thanks to everyone for your messages, it makes a difference xxx

I felt quite abandoned too. Went to my gp as soon as missed my period and had a million questions, they said all would be revealed when spoke with midwife. Cue 6 week wait. My first appoint is Tom (10 weeks). I was on some heart meds that knew would have to come off so just went back to drs, they will help if you bug them (I know you shouldn't have too but hey ho) they help you if you make a little pain of yourself but aren't horrid about it. Hope you get some help. It's bewildering enough without medical needs. This forum has been amazing!

I don't know if it will be the same for you but I have to book all my midwife appointments through the Gp surgery.. So I phone them as if I was going to make a docs appointment but ask for an appointment with midwife instead. I left tons of messages on the midwifes in my areas answering machine and they said they would get back to me but didn't so I took matters into my own hands and made an appointment. Only way I managed to get their attention! But I appreciate they are busy, but not nice when it's your first pregnancy and have a million and one question! Hope this helps x

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Mine was exactly the same when I was pregnant I was going to comment and say this I boomed my first appt through my surgery, can you not do this fluffy82? X

you do not have to go through all these hustle,as in wanting to see a midwife. when I missed my period,I went to my gp and there and then,she showed me lists of hospital that is in my catchment area, then I chose and after one week I got a letter from the midwife led team stating the day and time I should come to see a midwife ,but unfortunately the hospital that sent the letter I didn't like. I called my gp and reported the issue and my gp called my chosen hospital immediately and made another appointment with the midwife and in four days I got a reply from their midwife team for an appointment. so your gp shouldn't tell you to chase it ,it is their responsibility to do that for you. so go back there and express your feelings and sorry about that dear.

I made my appointment via the receptionists at the the Dr surgery, perhaps give that a try.

def ring your gp - mine gave wrong app to begin with (16wk instead of booking app cos receptionist wasn't to bright), but did get midwives attention and got booking app for very next week x

Massive thanks to everyone for their messages, I have managed to speak to my midwife and have an appointment with them for Thursday xxx

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