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Another Sunday spent sleeping

This must be the fourth Sunday in a row that I have just slept all day.....was up for about an hour at 11 to eat and drink then just got back up. Know tiredness is a normal part of it all and I sleep every afternoon as I find I have to or by about 4pm I just am beside myself and sickness is horrendous if I don't sleep. But these Sundays are awful, think it may just be my weekly catch up as I know Hubby is home and can take care of kids for me so I just crash. Anyone else like this??? Am really wondering if I should go see the Doctor have never been this tired in my life before is debilitating.

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Hello, I am 34+ and expecting baby 4.... Today is the first day I have slept for HOURS, yes I slept all night and crashed today too.... I am just praying it is due to how far gone I am and that I wont be awake half the night....

I would say if the OH is able to watch kids for you to sleep then enjoy it. Your body obviously needs it :-) x


Have been just going with it up to now thinking like you say my body must need it but I am only 10 weeks pregnant so have a really long way to go yet. This is my fourth too and cant remember being this tired with any of my others...maybe its my age lol


That was the worst part for me at around he same time, I'd have a really good nights sleep yet feel as if I'd been up all night :( this is my first pregnancy & i knew tiredness was going to be a part of it, but i wasn't prepared for how tired id actually be! it only lasted a few weeks though & I have so much more energy now (for the time being) :)


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