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Stitches and bladder control

Alll a bit tmi but I had my first baby two days ago and a substantial second degree tear - she said it wasn't technically third degree because membranes are intact. Most of the stitches are internal, but the swelling is so bad that when the midwife came today I swear she looked grossed out! Anyway I guess I can deal with the pain, but my question is whether anyone else has found such trouble controlling bladder. I can't even feel the urge and just notice wetness when I get up from a chair or bed. Midwife just said do the exercises but I'm a bit worried it'll take weeks to even dare leave the house. Is it just the swelling that's making it so hard?

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Ouch poor you :-(

I would say it is due to all the swelling and pain down there. Don't feel bad it is not like you have any control over it. I would suggest you just wear a towel and go to the toilet often even if you dont feel the urge to go. My sister had a lot of stitches and she used to pee into warm / coldish water so it never stung as much. Hope your better soon x


My Son is 9 months tomorrow & I can relate to your situation.

I had a mid cavity forceps delivery wht my Son and the following day I got a urine infection due to the catheter.

I was like you worried as when I went to the loo it was like minimum control. But please believe me when I tell you it wi get better. I would say at about three months everything down stairs felt back to normal.

One word of advice, do your pelvic floor even now, trust me, it helps & causes no pain.

Good luck with your little one xx


I Agree it's Prob swelling give urself a few days and see how u go if still the same I'd make sure u contact ur midwife and say it's not right x


I had a tear and even tho its gross they say try going for a wee in shower as its easier and at beginning I found it helped. Obv wear a couple of towels and giv it time. My little man is now 17 days and hav only just been able to feel fully normal and able to sit down on hard surfaces etc. Hope u get btr soon xx


I'm almost 12 weeks post partum and still haven't got any bladder sensation. Thankfully I can pee (avoiding the joys of urinary retention), just have to remember to go and pass water every few hours.

Saw a gynaecologists, who said sometimes after a tough labour, the bladder takes a beating and the stretch receptors get damaged... Told me things should return to normal... Here's hoping! Xx


Another variation on the peeing into water is to pour a jug of water over your vaginal area as you pee, really helps. I had a similar tear with my first and remember having to make myself go regularly for several days before I really felt the need again. Then I would sit there and not be able to pass anything more than a drop, presumably because of the swelling. I think, for me there was just so much 'sensation' going on - with the pain and swelling that I didn't feel anything else much for a week or so. Everything got back to normal really by itself because I was lousy at pelvic floor exercises then! You will heal, take things as easy as you can and give yourself time. Now on baby number 5, I have never torn like that again but I have realized the value of pelvic floor exercises!!!


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