How to sleep when you can never get comfortable ?:((

I am so tired of being tired!:/ I've still got another 8 weeks to go and I just can't sleep:/ I've bought a pregnancy pillow, but I don't like it! I don't want things between my legs or under my bump:/ but if I don't, my hands fall asleep! On top of this I've got a cold:/ restless legs? Yep. How can I possibly work for another 4 weeks as a carer if I don't sleep? I'm a sleep in carer as well, amd the bed is too soft... I just want to sleep comfortbly on my belly...:/ sorry for being so miserable, but how to function with no sleep? That's all I want. I can't even look forward to go to bed anymore:/and my excema is so itchy I'mgoing mmental! ! Any tips? ?:(

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Think It's a phase u will get back to ur normal sleep routine annoying as it is u just have to wait it out.... try some warm milk. .. as for ur excema have u been to g.p they can prescribe some steriod cream. . Mine flared up so just made sure I was on top of it using aqueous cream to wash...oilatum in Bath to soak and steriod cream and cetraban x

I've got creams and stuff for my excema, but it's worse during the night I think cause it's warmer. Oh yes, lots of warm milk! But no luck:/ I hope I can get used to use all these pillows, and surely I will... its worse at work though, at home Ido sleep better. Thank you for the advise:) x

I find sleeping most night really difficult and my sleep pattern has gone strait out the window.

It was really getting me down but then I started thinking to myself, The sleepless and restless nights are a good way of preparing me of all the sleepless nights I have coming my way!! Now I think to myself (Get used to it love) lol x

Haha! Yes, you are so right. .. its just so hard feeling like this when im so used to sleeping really well amd 7-8 h. Maybe I'm stupid to think I will sleep better when Sam arrives cause I can them sleep without all these bloody pillows and on my stomach! And then it feels like it's more worth it. X

Oh to sleep on my tummy again... sounds like heaven lol.x

It is ;-) lol x

Lol, I know, soon!:) how long have you got left? X

Just like "BubbaG" said Ive come to realization now that its like a way of preparing our bodies for the sleepless nights to come :)

I can only sympathize with how you may feel though as Im not in work right now so once my 1st child goes to school I have at least a few hours on my hands to get a nap or something.

What really gets on my nerve at times is when you get that "urge" in the middle of the night to go to the toilet to then just get a Lil' trickle of pee & then im awake for the rest of the night due to the energy Ive used to make it to the bathroom in the 1st place!

Ahhh! Pregnancy ay! :)

So true. My OH thinks I'm going (even more) mad when say would just like to wee properly then at least not sleeping would be a little better! Bed time is just a nightmare now as know not going to sleep x

Mmm, going even more mental I know too well! And yes... the poor OH... well, it's his fault as well, so they have to put up witj it;) just laying there, huffing amd puffing and sighing... and then I sometimes cryes a nit cause I'm so tired and just wants to sleep! X

Abenaa You sound like my echo! lol lol... I had to roll over last night just to get up.. and just like you, I hardly went when I finally got to the toilet but could I get back to sleep after ... NOPE! Gggrrr! lol x


Oooh, I know that too well! And when you want to change position and you have to move the massive pregnancy pillow and the duvet moves with it... gaaah! Luckily I was off last night, so slept in my own, firm, bed:) priceless! X

I long for the broken sleep of pregnancy - felt so much more alive than I do now... #zombiemummy

As I predicted, I may have lack of sleep now I have James but the sleep I get is soooooo much more enjoyable than my fat pregnancy lack of sleep! I can lay on my stomach and on my back.....bliss!!!! :D

Oooh, can't wait for that! Just imagine the first night when Sam is finally out... belly sleeping! X

I can't :-(. Bloody breastfeeding boobies!!!

Oooh:/ didn't think about the boobs...:/

Oh no.... poor you, I keep telling myself that, no point in moaning cos in a couple of months time I will be so wishing to have this sleep even if it is broken and uncomfortable lol

Hun - if you're a sleep in carer, your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure your bed offers adequate support for your stage of pregnancy xx

They do? Well.. it is a great bed normally, and I loved it before I got bigger, now I just find it a bit too soft for my back:/ and I've only got 15 more sh

I am the same I was up last night from 1 to at least 4, thank god I'm working from home today as I felt so tired this morning, I was feeling ill. It also doesn't help that my little on was kicking the crap out of me as well :-), ah well just under 9 weeks to go!! xx

It sucks:/ laying at work and not to be able to watch tv or to make a sound when sleepless is not a hit... only 14 more nights of that though:) when do you go on maternity leave?

I'v found that most nights sleep on the sofa is so much more comfy, luckily we have a down stairs loo so haven't got to tackle the dreaded stairs every hour or so!! X

Goos for you!:) our sofa is so so soft that sitting in it too long hurts my back:/ oh pregnancy! ;) x

I cant sit on out sofa for more than about 30mins as get so uncomfortable and in quite abit if pain but laying on my left on it is so much more comfortable than being in bed! Strange but seems to work glad I'v only got just over a week left of it though!

Oooh, lucky you! :) I hope everything goes well for you:)

I've been having all the same problems. Try a little lavender oil on a tissue under your pillow - I did last night and slept so much better. My eczema is worse when I have a lot of dairy so I'm staying away from warm milk but a warm bath & relax before bed makes me feel better, even if I don't sleep well!! X

Lavender? I'll have to buy that and try it thanks:) ive tried cutting out dairy, but it doesn't help my excema:/ when he's born I hope it will go down to normal again though:) :)baths is a god sent! X

I've got just over 7 weeks left and can sympathise. I'm a secondary school teacher, so work and the kids I teach every day are very demanding. I've got a bad cold and a lot of pelvic and back pain. I spent a lot of money on one of those pregnancy pillows that go round your back, between your legs and under the bump and hated it. I then happened to see one of those sleeper pillows at Ikea for £7, I think. I bought it and love having that between my legs!

Also, one thing that's not necessarily a day to day solution but which I found a MASSIVE relief about two weeks ago was a pregnancy massage. And no, not one of those where you lie on your back. This masseuse had a table with three holes in it, one for the belly and two for the chest ;-)

I could've even done without the massage, simply lying on my front for the first time in months felt like absolute heaven!! It did cost £50, but it was totally worth it, I'd thoroughly recommend it as I felt so so so much better afterwards!

Oh bless you!:/I'm not jelous of you being a teacher right now:^how long before you go on maternity leave? Tje massage sounds lush! Might look that up, thank you :) x

I've got four more weeks of teaching left (including two performance management observations..) and then one week of half term in which I have to mark all the assessments that I conduct just before half term. 20 school days and counting!

Definitely have a look for one of those massages, helped me hugely!

:/ I've got 4 more to go as well, 13 shifts left now!, 2 more weekends. You hang in there!it will soon be over:) when are you due?x

My midwife suggested eating bananas for restless legs - they're not as good as being able to lie on ur front but they're better than nothing.

Thank you all for your top tips and sympathy! ! <3xxx

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