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4d scan

I went for a 4d scan on Saturday, I am 29+5 and was expecting the scan to be amazing, I was so disappointed my little boy kept his hands over his face for the entire thing :-(. I never got to enjoy looking at my baby because the sonographer was to busy trying to get us a good pic, that we never got. I suppose I can take comfort that he's growing we'll and at the moment weighs 2lbs 13 ounces :-).

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aw what a shame, you must have been soo looking forward to it, that is disappointing! These cheeky little babies don't even do what they are told in the womb, god help us when they are toddlers hehe! We had the exact same thing happen to us, we went to get a private gender scan done (as the hospital in our area does not tell you gender of baby) and the little mite had her legs closed the whole time! It took us nearly an hour and lots of jumping up and down and wriggling about on my part to finally get her to open her legs and shoe us she was a little girl lol! You don't have that long to wait to see your baby's face, and just think of it as a little surprise on the day :) xx


I just went back for my third go at this scan, still no luck! Funny enough I just had a look at the 13 week and 20 week scan and in both he had his hands up! Anyhow like you I'm just happy he's healthy and now I wish November would come already!


I had one done at baby bond at it was not the amazing experience I was expecting, it was disappointing. My problem was my baby kept his hands by his face for the entire time, we had 3 goes on separate occasions and it was the same, also the sonigrapher was trying so hard to get a good pic we never actually fit to see much, because she was constantly manipulating and zooming in on the screen, in the end we didn't get any good pics. So I guess it depends on if baby wants to play ball on the day.


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