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Feel like im about to gush?! Whats all that about!!!

So this might sound weird, but latley i have felt some unusual pressure in my pelvis/bladder. area. Im 21 weeks and 6 days. It feels like when baby moves i feel her in my bladder but then it feels like im about to gush with water or something! I havent yet but is this normal? Could it be that shes sitting low (which she seems to do alot) it doesnt hurt or anything, i just feel it and it feels weird. Im due to see my midwife on the 24th.

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Sometimes they rest on ur bladder and u can actually wee urself... sometimes if I sit in the toilet and do a wee some more comes out after that I have no control over its weird but it's normal :)


O thank the lord! I thought it was a bad sign or something. Thanks for the reassurance!


By the word "gush" I wasn't sure if you meant through the mouth or private parts way then. but looking at the last reply (to the question) Im guessing you mean when you are going to the toilet.


Im now 32wks with 2nd child & i can honestly say this baby has been sitting low since about wk20 of pregnancy.

It could be the difference in gender ( as I have a boy also) but I remember he sat fairly high until the last 7-6 wks of pregnancy

there is definitely some days when I regret sneezing as no matter how full/ empty my bladder may-be i find i get a bit of leakage :(



O right i see what you mean! I didt word that right haha.

Yeah i know what you mean,even if ive just been toilet, its like i still need to go. So weird what the body gets up to once pregnant!


I'm 20+5 and ive had this all week long. I also get these waves like the baby is rotating on a spit lol. i think they are quite normal at this stage.

As for sneezing, when baby is lying really low down, i get pains down either side of my bump aswell as the lil wee trickle. Honestly, I dont think anything can prepare u for all this stuff, i just thought u got bigger and then popped haha :P xx


I totally agree! I know exactly what u mean. I wonder what the hell they do in our bellys sometimes lol.

I get the same thing sneezing too so i know how you feel x


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