Sleeping lying down flat on my back at 19weeks- Is this harmful to my baby?

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant and as per my previous posts my bump is tiny and almost invisible really! But baby is healthy and growing well! I'm due my anomaly scan next Friday and can't wait to find out the sex of my baby! Anyway, just a query I hope you can help with, is it safe to sleep lying down on my back as my bump is very tiny? I cannot seem to find if comfortable to sleep on my side? Please let me know your thoughts and experiences, thanks ladies X

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Good morning, the theory is that sleeping on your left side is better for blood supply to both your placenta and your lower body. If you sleep oh your back your heavier uterus puts pressure on Vena Cava blood vessel & can effect supply & return as you get heavier. What I have read says try to avoid after 16wks.

I used a dream genie pillow once bump was bigger to rest it on, this helps support your bump, your back muscles and you have a bit between your knees to keep pelvis aligned too. They are not cheap, about £45 I think I saw them in Kiddicare yesterday for. Might be worth looking online or keep eye out for sales as like you say bump smallish at mo. The alternative is to use regular pillows.

Hope this info helps :-)


I personally think the best thing to remember here is to listen to your body. As pregnancy goes on "most women" start to experience different aches & pains as your & the baby's weight increases.

As for these "memory foam / genie pillows" try having a look on-line you may find a good combined price as some stockist are able to reduce the VAT Price when bought on-line.



Ive never slept on my back but always loved sleeping on my front. Havent been able to do that for ages! I agree with abenaa, that u just need to listen to ur body as textbook is fine in theory but in practice, some women are different and can cope with things better than others.

I sleep on my sides and alternate throughout the night. Ive got pregni-pillow as I got a discount with bounty pack. It is an inflatable cushion that u can then inflate to desired fullness and use all day if u want. It even can be used as a swimming floatation aid. It was only £14.99 at full price, and bounty gives u 10% discount if u use their special code.

Have a look around and see if u can spot a few deals xx


Hello fellow mummy to be xx I am 32 wks tomorrow and I have always been a sleep on my back person. I bought a dream genie pillow from mothercare for under £40 after lots of research ( really expensive still on ebay) when I was about the same as you. I manage to go to sleep comfy on my left as the pillow really support s you but my husband wakes me up during the night to move me as I have usually turned on my back again !! I worry sick I could harm the baby during my sleep but midwife says not to worry your body was designed to have a baby xxxx


I'm 32 weeks and still wake up during the night on my back - I've always slept that way! If you don't want to fork out for a genie pillow then you can buy V-shape pillows from some shops & they're just as good (and a fraction of the price!) also my midwife advised getting a single duvet and rolling it up before putting in a second duvet cover - apparently works just as well as the genie pillows (and free!)

I wouldn't worry too much if I was you! Xx


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