May have over packed?

So I haven't finished packing 'our bag' as my OH insists on calling it (which yes at 36+ really know I should have) but the more I look at baby's bag, rearrange and repack I wonder if maybe is too full. Anything I shouldn't have packed (or that I haven't that should have)? Thing is I know will be in hosp at least two days so with that in mind just put the nappy pack in, got mini baby bathing pack, cotton wool, nappy cream and so on. a hat, two lots of mits, three sets baby clothes (including one slightly warmer for when we come out as is getting colder) and a shawl - though really not sure need that - to be fair it's OH that keeps putting that back in. Oh and a baby soft towel! Is 40mins drive to hosp and neither of us drive so OH would have to rely on relatives for running back and forth so think might have over prepared??


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  • Better to be safe than sorry, especially as the hospital is such a trek and you can't just send the OH home for bits and pieces here and there. I foolishly only packed for a day thinking I'd probably be in and out, but ended up in for a week so I had to rely on my OH to get things to bring in.

    If your worried about taking too much in one go, why not pack a few bags with a couple of days stuff in each, then as your partner come in for visits he can bring the next bag and take away the dirty clothes? Leaving my OH to bring in what I asked was a nightmare! :-) He left me his iPad then video messages me from home so I could direct him to where things were!

    One thing I would suggest though is a range of sizes for baby. James wasn't massive at 8lb 3oz but was really long and the thick suit for coming home was never going to fit him so I had to have something else brought in for him.

    Nearly at the finish line! Good luck, hope it flys past for you. X

  • I don't think you have packed too much at all.

    I think you are better to be over cautious given your travelling distance from the hospital.

    I purchased a pack from primark for £1, it is empty bottles that I put my shampoo etc in, saved space & weight.

    Stick with your instincts xx

  • Ok thanks. Lately either feel in a complete panic I'm under prepared or like I'm being paranoid and over doing everything - realised haven't packed bottles in case can't bf which midwife did say. Think my OH has it in his head if I'm in the hosp so is he, don't think he realises if I have to stay longer he'd be coming home bless. Different sizes is a good idea - doc keeps saying will be small baby (cos I'm small and bump small) but midwife isn't so sure. Thankfully all neutral as don't know if girl or boy. Good idea to pack extra bags on the in case, good as my OH is, we have a lot of the stuff for 'our bag' except the thing I said was quite important - the bag lol. I can't get about and he just keeps forgetting to get though did buy extra cheerios cos they were on offer ( his mind really is away in the clouds at min). We've got bigger bags that would fit baby and my stuff in but I'd rather keep separate so everything's to hand. Can't decide what clothes should take for me. Got few nighties with button fronts (thank goodness for primark) but not sure about coming home clothes etc and still need to shop for maternity bras - somehow keep putting off. Hate clothes shopping x

  • I would pack a couple more sleepsuits and vests cos they do have a tendency to poo up the back or leak out the sides....and as its getting colder something to bring him home ini really recommend the fleecy sleep suit in next to go over their sleep suits they arenot too bulky when in the car seat and don't forget bits for urself! Like u said u both dont drive and u may stay in an extra day so pack for that extra day u can take it all home again...I thought I'd be home in 24 hours but ended up staying in nearly 3days! And I bought bigger sleep suits as my previous child was a biggen so family had to go out and buy smaller ones! He was swamped in the 0-3 lol x

  • Def putting more sleep suits in. Is a fleecy one for coming home in - truthfully is only thing we've bought for baby ourselves that's not nappies and so on. Had so much from family child has various size clothes for at least six months x

  • Hi joda :-)...

    I think it's perfect what u have packed but have u thought what u would are going to wear when coming home with baby... Oh one think I have packed is my personal pillow mmm just for myself so I can feel comfortable as poss whilst in labour n after recovery... From pain

    But no doubt I have packed n repacked several times lol n even exchanged my after labour nightie no being able to what I will b comfy in a nighti or pyjamas ! Lol cuz with straight after labour u don't have energy even to pull down the pyjamas :-).

    Thanks joda for ure advice of thought...:-))

  • :) Thanks. no idea what wearing coming out!! Have got nighties did think pjs, whilst I normally prefer, will be to much hassle after labour. Might just come home in a nightie and steal OHs dressing gown, is really warm and comfy :D x

  • My family were like that too. First grandchild on both side so he got swamped with stuff, not to mention hand me downs from other relatives. We've even been given clothes age 3-4! Not that I'm complaining! :-)

    Even though we had spare overnight sized bags at hand in the house, my OH insisted on using those tesco bags for life with the ladybirds on to bring everything in. So maybe you could just resort to those as back up bags? For coming home, I took in some maternity leggings and a long tunic top/dress thing that I'd bought a few sizes bigger than normal at the beginning of my pregnancy. I just wanted something comfy and stretchy! x

  • With the Change in the weather etc I think I have now under-packed, that baby will get cold and this feed has made me have a rethink! I have been a conservative shopper anyway as we too are team yellow and there is only so much white a girl can buy and we have no idea about weight. For Forever and a day my OH has said my bags are packed just'll be in and out whereas my thinking is 2 days. He just says he'll get whatever we need after from home or shops.

    I think this feeling of being 'disorganised' for hospital does not leave us & you just your EDD approaches you'll have it all out & checking it again :)

    I am pretty much happy with my bag, wash bag all sorted, a towel, big cotton knickers, pack of maternity towels (more at home), a book incase induced in the end, old black slippers, light dressing gown, clips for hair, makeup, mirror to name a few bits. I have fretted over suitable pyjama's for me! I have nothing to nurse in so committed to having to lift up the PJ top.

    I put my OH in charge of snacks. He has his bag too with change of clothes in, toothbrush, things to entertain or distract him (again if long labour or induction) and few other bits. Xx

  • Yeah the fleecy one is like an all in one but not too bulky but on really cold nights they can sleep with that as a layer...have a look on next website, I just ordered them and they came up at £6.80 for some reason! X

  • We'll be staying in too and are also in the position where we have to rely on family/friends to drive us - I feel like I've packed too much, but I went with what my midwife advised (4-6 baby grows plus a few extra for the few days, few baby toiletries, nappies). I debated a shawl/blanket - so I've packed a small one and then OH can bring one with the car seat to go home in - its an awkward time of year to know what you'll need! The only thing I'm relying on my partner to bring in is clothes for me to travel home in and the car seat! He won't need to panic then....he worries, so a clear list is the best thing for him ;) lol x

  • Lol, been nice reading all your replys. Thankyou. Esp after day have had. not relying on OH to remember anything - would only end in me coming out hosp in either my birthday suit or something only fit for antartica, he doesn't do in-betweens. really do need to get cracking on what I need, but cheekymonkey - makeup lol? That's one thing def staying at home. I can't be bothered now, no way will I be doing it in the hosp - OH just been told take as many pics of baby after birth but no way is he snapping me just afterwards. He can wait til I look slightly more composed lol. Betting I'm still going to check the baby's bag a hundred more times and still forget something for me x

  • Ha ha Ive already packed baby stuff but not mine. .. been thinking about it just haven't got round to it but I'm pretty simple hairbrush. Hopefully I would of done my hair before I go into labour and legs are shaved. .. i don't bother so much in winter but I'm shaving them regularly as I'll be mortified if they are really hairy ;)... washing stuff...moisturiser. . knickers black! Pads. ...nursing bras. . Breast pads. ..lipbalm phone, charger. ..night clothes flip flops..and my maternity hareem pants (black) and my black t shirt and Cardigan all black cos it's slimming ;) and my uggs soooo comfy ohhhhhh I can't wait :) hurry up baby I want to give u a cuddle!!! X

  • No such thing as over prepared, I went in with a bag that I would take on Holliday for a week! Even then I still got told off for not bringing cotton wool! If you think you need it, pack it. If you get there and haven't got it, you will kick yourself! That said mine was full of towels for me, Which I didn't need as I used the hospitals.

  • Well think should maybe actually get my bag sorted soon. can't really reach my legs properly now to keep hairless, but at least I can thank mum's good blonde genes that don't have to much hair to start with. OH said last night well apart from a new bag we've got most of it haven't we? Nope - so we'll be going shopping on sat and just get it done x

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