i have never got the hang of expressing as if i expressed then wanted to feed my little one the expressed bottle then my boobs were too engorged and painful, luckily my friend gave me her electric pump but i gave it away as i didnt get on with it! but now wondering whether to get another one or not? have you guys got any tips or advice on how u do it? :)

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I used the avent manual pump and it's very easy!it comes with instructions but i was stuck at first i used UTUBE!!i watched how its done and how to dismantle it to clean and i was expressing only whenn I knew i was going to have a drink.ive stopped breastfeeding altogether now .

I have the medela mini electric and have always found it east to use - nor many parts to assemble. It's really gentle but gets the job done. I remember the first time I used it at about 2 weeks (getting milk together for daddy so I could go to my friends wedding). I expressed 175ml (at 10pm) and thought that was probably a crap volume - midwife nearly fell off her chair the next day when I told her about my 'problem' - apparently 20-30ml a session is the norm that early on!!

As for not becoming engorged - if I'm around, I let LO suckle for a bit to take the pressure off my boobs before he gets the bottle. If Daddy is giving the EBM )or formula for that matter) I use the opportunity to express to near dryness: I'm comfortable, and EBM stocks replenished! X

I am expressing my milk with the pump frm scbu it is a medela, it is very easy 2 use. I had 2 hand express 1st of all 2 bring my milk in but managing 2 get about 50mls off now every 3 hours. Gonna get the avent electric pump when I have 2 give this back.

i found that the tommee tippee electric pump was amazing, but maybe they all as good. I found it easier to express at the same time that my baby was feeding (obviously on the other breast) as this seemed to stimulate more milk and i didnt feel like a 'cow' milking all of the time. I did try allsorts of different ways, times etc but this def worked best for me. I also found it better if i was relaxed and in a quiet place.

I use an avent, got it off ebay. I express when dad is feeding LOor when i feel i have time to :P

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