We're baaaaaaaaack!

Where are all these overcooked babies??! You lot have not been putting in anywhere enough effort ;-p

Had a lovely few days, straight back to LO's baby check and first lot of immunisations! He's almost hit the 50th centile for weight :-) Yaaay!! However, currently nursing one very cranky, very hungry Catepillar!

I'm shattered but very happy :-)

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Welcome back glad u had a lovely time :) Ah little man having to come back to injections bless him.... happy that ur happy :) :)

Decided he's a strange creature - really liked the rotavirus vaccine and cried for more!! The jabs didn't go down so well though!

He also poo'ed all over the GP during his baby check - wasn't sure whether to be proud or embarrassed!!

Lol that's what he thought of her then lol x

Trust me we have LOL.....how was your holiday? X

Amazing - it was lovely for the three of us to get some QT together - we were on hospital for all but a day of my other half's pat leave with Samuel's jaundice, so the three of us are happy campers :-)

Clever boy lol.he wanted to leave something to remember him.its nice to go away and recharge batteries.i'm glad you enjoyed your holiday xx

I have seriously never seen so much poo in my life! It was pooled in his nappy!! :-/

Welcome back DrFluffy! Glad you had a good time, we are planning a trip with our Samuel in November, how was yours with the flight etc? X

He was fine, but he's a White Noise junkie! The louder the better!

The worst bit was seeing my lovely pushchair on the Tarmac knowing it was about to be seriously manhandled ;-p

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