35 weeks 4 days few things playing on my mind

hey lovely people,

A few quick questions as im just wondering what this new phase is, finally finish for maternity tomorrow feel like ive been waiting forever to finish :).

Had an absolutely terrible nights sleep last night, up and down to the loo constantly, my womb lodger is a regular wiggler but the past 2 nights his movements have actually woke me up. Isnt the movement suppost to start decreasing but he isnt really slowing down, not that im complaining its an amazing feeling, just concerned about his growing?

My bump isnt overly big and when he wiggles its noticable to everyone my tummy is also very hard but its never really been squishy so its not a dramatic change ive noticed recently just a slight change, anyone relate?

Also noticed an increase in discharge (sorry TMI) not enough to wear a pad though, it a whitey colour, doesnt smell as far as i can tell, do feel damp between my legs alot, also lots of pressure down below front and back, not all the time but uncomfortable when i do have it, is all this normal??

x x x

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Hi Flossy, that all sounds a lot of what I've been experiencing the last few weeks too.

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow (eeeekkkk!!), no sleep and up and down to the toilet like a bloody yo yo lol. I was told that all the pains and pressure is baby moving down - and occasionally I was getting quite a bad stabbing pain down there which the midwife said was him getting in position.

Although she told me the movements shouldn't decrease as such - there's just less space so you just feel and see them much much more. The delightful discharge is also apparently all normal - I was worried so asked the consultant, who told me just to make sure it stayed white. Anything other than that then to call hospital and if I was feeling particularly wet, then to put a pad on just to make sure it wasn't waters trickling....

All these things they don't tell you to make us worry eh?! ;) I'm sure the consultant team dread seeing me as I just have a new question every other week! lol x


Hey, exciting stuff going on Mat Leave :-D I couldn't wait.

Everything you described sounded normal to me :) I am 39 weeks and bump is always on the move as I have slight frame, we are partially engaged and at the mo I am lopsided again. I would say I found as the baby grew the movements were more vigorous as the accommodation got smaller, I am woken by bladder every 1-2 hours and sometimes movement as well, last night a prime example of that. You should be aware of movements & I think they say no less then 10x's a day, they only slow down when labour is imminent or maybe a problem then you contact the MW's/Ward for advice.

You say your uncomfortable down below, that maybe pressure from your uterus as it gets heavier and body starting to do its thang to get you ready to birth.

Also the discharge sounds normal, just changes to the cervix, so long as like you say looks white and scentless or sweet at least then shouldn't be anything to worry about. XX


Great to hear. Thanks!


Thankyou ladies, it all seems fairly common the biggest thing i was a little worried about was all his intense movements but that all sounds like what other people are experiencing.

Cannot wait to finish tomorrow 1 1 full working day and 2 hours 53 minutes left of today, not that im counting :)

x x x


How's that Mat leave working out for you?? X


haha :-) xx enjoy


I'm 36+4 and my wriggler is so active that he/she wakes me up at night as well. My previous daughter was exactly the same and carried on wriggling during labour!

I'm very aware of Braxton hicks tightenings which also sometimes wake me up - all good practice :-)


Im 37 weeks and sometimes feel like my little ones goin 2 burst out as a bum or foot comes poking out all comp norm iv been told :)


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