Baby bottles?

Any advice for best kind of bottles for new borns? Tbh want to bf and will get all the help need to do so. However after having a talk through with the midwife with my back currently the way it is she said bottle feeding is something I might want to consider. Basically be sensible! If can bf great, if its to much pressure then would be better for both me and baby to bottle feed instead. I'm not so stubborn, whatever will be best for the little monster currently leaving footprints all over my right side (especially when daddy insists on tickling them - men lol) is what I'll do. We have a couple of tomee tippee ones with different teats. But just wondering if there's any specifically recommended for new borns? x


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  • No just go with what u think I've got Advent only because that's all that was really around when my oldest was born... I've got Avent again cos I got the bottles cheap and the steam steriliser for £38 from £60 which was a bargain but I'll bf initially but just want to be prepared ! X

  • I am same as babymother but have gone for tommee tippee but I do plan to bf but obv just want a back up incase that doesn't work for whatever reason and I do plan to express albeit not straight away as I want my bf to be involved with feeding, but I got some good deals on kiddicare for everything. majority of the bottles I believe are suitable from newborn unless they state otherwise. x

  • That's just it. Made the mistake of googling bottles in sleep deprived state this morn and they all seemed the same, just hundreds of them all saying they're best! We have a sterilizer from tommee tippee so think perhaps will just stick with them, no need to confuse myself even more lol. Thanks for the advice x

  • We have Tommee Tippee - the Teats are designed to be breast like - and I have to say, Sam actually 'latches' on to them! He only has one bottle a day though - with either EBM or formula x

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