Hand in notice or maternity leave?

Hi, im a bit confused... I dont want to go back to work after having baby, my manager knows im pregnant, im wondering if i would cause problems to just hand in my notice, i am due 4/4/14 so was planning on doing it begining of december? But also with the maternity im only allowed to take it at 11 weeks before im due (i dont really want that) i work in a nursery so not very practical at 8 months pregnant with 2-3 yr olds! Any advise please? Sorry for long post :) xx


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  • Do you not want to get the maternity? It seems a shame as ur entitled to it..the earliest you could leave is 29weeks so that's not far off 3 months before your due...I'd personally think about it for a bit longer before you decide to hand in your notice you may change your mind, it's only another few weeks then you can go on maternity leave

  • I tried to research the earliest i could leave but i didnt get very far! Lol im not going to make a decision yet as i still have plenty of time? But just need some advise first :)

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to be nosey but, apart from the demanding environment of working in a nursery "whilst heavily pregnant" is there any particular reason you have decided to not go back after you give birth to your baby?

    I know at times managers can be a pain in the arse's & not very sympathetic to our "mother's" needs & working hours but as you may know its very difficult to even find & keep "decent" job these days, especially with a child as you'll need to settle your child into an secure childcare place.

    If it's an "agency" placement of work as far as I know you wont need to give any notice in as long as you've notified the head office of your condition.

    Have you considered maybe taking some annual leave a few weeks before you can take your maternity leave ? or is this also not a option.

    It';s definitely a hard decision to make & in the end its only you who can decide but personally I would consider handing a notice in just yet & see how you feel closer to your delivery date & after the birth of your child.


  • Hi no i work full time 52 hours a week i wont need to go back as my partner has a very good pay job so we will be very stable with money, i want to spend the first 3-4 years with my child until it can go to a free nursery placement then id look at work again.... id feel bad taking my baby to work with me and then looking after someone elses child when i could be at home looking after my own, i have anual leave in november for 2 weeks x

  • Okay

    Its great that you have the support from your partner, but " god forbid" he was to have an serious accident at work for example & needed to either resign from his work or just need to stay in hospital for a long time.

    Financially its really not a good idea for you to hand in your notice as children "espicially" babies can be quite expensive Lil things.

    I dont wanna put a miserable spark on things or anything but my advise would be to wait & see how you feel in December as pregnancy can definetely surprise even the fittest of women at times.


  • 29 weeks pregnant isnt 8 mts ! 11 weeks is nearly 3 mts so more like 6 1/2 mts pregnant , 29 weeks is the earliest u can go on mat leave but u can take any earned holiday b4 then , u still acrew holiday while on mat leave and u do not need to go back after mat leave , u only need to give ur normal notice period, u would get any holidays owed to u at the end payed out , (im guessing a mts wages to u ) .

    thats presuming ur entitled to statatory mat pay from ur employer , u still have all ur entitlments and are classed as working while on mat leave untill u give up ur job . u probably qualify for mat allowance if u quit sooner rather than later , but ur not able to claim untill 29weeks pregnant so if u quit u wont get ur wages and pretty sure if u leave a job u cant cant claim job seekers for a certain period or any other benifit !not a good idea when ur gona have the cost of getting ready for a baby.

    i have a 3 yo and im pregnant with my 2nd and i know its not the same as working with them but i have him and worked 16hrs a week on my feet , untill 36 weeks ! ( theres lots that do more than me ) i went on at 29 weeks with my son as i worked full time as a supervisor on my feet and the 30 min walk 2 work was taking me an hr and causing stomach pains . work have to make reasonable adjustments while ur pregnant so if your finding something particulally difficult u can request not to do it .

    u would be doing ur employer a favour by handing in ur notice now and loosing out of money u will b entitled to ! april is a long way off in my opinion u would b silly to give up ur job, u may well breeze through pregnancy but also remember if u dont u can always get a sick note from ur doc if any point is particulally difficult .

  • your employer must risk-assess you at several points during your pregnancy and discuss what u can and cant viably do. They must give u reduced tasks if some would be liable to cause u harm or discomfort. Also as has already been said, u have earned ur right to maternity leave and pay. it would be a shame to throw that away. Why not take the leave and decide when ur leave is nearly finished to either hand in ur notice or walk away. once u start mat leave, u have 9mths paid leave to decide and a further 3 months unpaid if u want. Its far too early to know how ur going to feel when ur 8mths pregnant, it must be a daunting thought, but u may surprise urself and be feeling amazing and able to do ur job. Dont think about it now, wait til maybe feb time n then see how ur feeling xx

  • Hi there, remember that you get 26 weeks ordinary leave, and 26 weeks additional leave. Rather than give up your post why not take the leave then decide what to do. You'll get 6 weeks pay at 90% then the statutory amount for another 33 weeks, as I understand it this is funded mainly through NI contributions so you are entitled. If your circumstances change then perhaps you will welcome the opportunity to return to work you never know whats around the corner and you may not need to return full time if flexible working hours are available. If you give up your job then you don't have that opportunity. Check out your entitlements online gov.uk/maternity-pay-leave/.... I hope this helps :)

  • Thanks everyone x

  • Make sure you have sufficient savings in the bank - if you take employer maternity pay, but do not return to work after, legally they can ask you to repay your mat pay - may be worth bearing in mind.

  • Pretty sure ur employer can not claim back statatory mat pay ! only if anything any thing what additional bonus they add 2 it cos its an entitlement from the government and earned prior to pay not after .

  • Who said SMP? I specifically said employer... And they can - happened to my cousin.

  • To clarify - occupational pay.

  • So that would b an extra entitlement ? From ur employer on top of smp ? Cos if ur entitled to maternity most companies and I'm guessing a nursery don't offer much more than the min required ! 4 instance smp is 90 % of ur pay for 6 weeks then the standard £100 odd a week up 2 9 mts , my employer only tops it up to 100 % the 1st 6 weeks so surely only have a claim on the extra 10 % they are actually contributing .

  • Statutory maternity pay isn't the only option, look at maternity allowance on HMRC's website. You may be entitled to something through this if you've worked a minimum of 26 weeks within the 60 weeks prior to your due date, and have earned a minimum of £30 per week in this time. I haven't done my claim yet as I'm only 18 weeks myself, but as I understand it you detail 13 weeks' pay from the 26 (or more) weeks that you worked in the 60 weeks, and submit this as part of your claim. You can choose which 13 weeks, so obviously you select those with the highest wage. You can claim this from 26 weeks pregnant. It is meant as an alternative for people that are self-employed or who can't claim statutory maternity pay for another reason, such as recently finishing work.

    Good luck with everything.

  • U can only claim mat allowance if u don't qualify 4 statatory u don't get 2 choose ! If ur not entitled to statatory from ur employer u have 2 get an official form from them that gives the reason y ! Allowance has different , broader criteria . both can only b claimed from 29 weeks speaking from experience , I had statatory with my son 3 years ago and now cos I don't earn enough weekly i have 2 claim allowance this time.

  • The 'bonus' with SMP is that you can earn money in a self employed capacity. You can't with MA..

  • In response to jds 123, my advice was in response to the original question speculating on no longer being in employment, thus no longer being entitled to SMP or having an employer, under which circumstances Boo-14 may be entitled to something, the only choice I mentioned was regards the 13 weeks of paid work that you include in the claim, which the claimant can choose. Hopefully that clears that up, and Boo-14, good luck in whatever you do.

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