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pram decesions

hello :)

my pram is getting delieverd mon-tues :D

just wondering is it really bad luck to keep in house before baby is born ?

with my other 2 kids I kept prams at mother in laws till babies were born.

but as prams getting delievered to my house im thinking about just keeping it in the house to save taking it away then bringing it back ?

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I'm not a very "myth follower" person or anything but this one has got to be the biggest bunch of B**LS**T I've ever heard.

I cant understand who would actually come up with such a controversial myth like this.

When I was having my 1st son in 2008 I had the pram delivered my the 20th week of pregnancy, as it was my 1st child I wanted to be all-clued up before his arrival about the way the pram folds & etc....


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Old Wives tales... but if u feel strongly about it can u leave it in the boot of the car or shed? I've still got my son's buggys though I am giving it to the charity shop don't know why I kept it sentimental/hoarder Prob lol but it's def had its day. ... what one did u get? I settled for the britax affinity so excited got a great deal really done my research... do love a bargain :)


My pram is at my m-I-l at the moment cos both my mum and hubby's mum will not let us have it until bump arrives must be a generational thing it still needs building so I have been practicing with it at mamas and papas.....rather break their display one than mine!!


I've been told that one, but we've had our pram since week 16, and doesn't seem to have caused any probs. Also told that having the cot in before baby born is bad luck. Not sure if believe either, but on saying that cot is in the outside cupboard and won't be put in until after the babies born. Depends how you feel, superstitions might seem daft to some people but if you feel strongly about them then you'll worry and worry isn't good for the baby so just do whatever you feel is best to put your mind at rest x


oh im not sure what to do lol,

with it been a old wifes tale & with my other kids I didn't keep it in house, but I think with it getting delievered here I might be as well just keeping it here :)

ive got everything else in house aswell,

I like the britax infinity :) I was looking at the blue 1, but I went with the stoke xplory in red, I cant wait till it comes, everytime im in mothercare or mamas &papas I have to have a push of the display one :) I love it so much cant wait to get my we man in it :)

thanks for the replys x


Well my pushchair is currently sitting in my lounge and the cot is upstairs lol, I dont believe any of these old wives tales unfortunately and I wouldn't expect my parents or anyone else to keep hold of anything of mine. I only hav a month left and want things ready and to b fannying around with a cot nearer the time is not my idea of fun lol. X


I've also got the cot in the loft that I've had for all of my children :)


ive also got my cot, moses basket, bouncy chair, everything I need for my baby I have got in my house. but my pram gets delievered mon-tues that's the only thing haven't got yet. but with my other 2 kids I didn't keep pram in house as I always thought it was bad luck to, also half the people I know think that aswell.(I know its just an old wifes tale) my family would be more than happy to store my pram for me.

I was swethering to keep it in my own house or not, just with my other 2 my family stored the prams till my babies arrived.

everyone is different and has different opinions.:)


yeah I think it must be a generational thing lol, :)


My mum and Nanna felt really strongly about this one, that the pram should not be kept in the house until the baby is born, so I just went with it, and its in my Nanna's spare room. It is more practical anyway as we really don't have anywhere to store it just now anyway. We were told it was also superstitious to put the cot up but we done it anyway. I think you just do what's right for you and don't worry about it x


If only or actions had such an effect on life's twists and turns! I don't believe any of those old wives tales and had all of my baby's equipment set up and ready to go and he is a happy, healthy little chappy. Go with your own instincts lady. X


Our pushchair was in the dining room since I wad 8weeks pregnant!! Baby is now a happy healthy 5 week old!! I wad told about this myth along with all the others but I figured if something is going to happen it's nothing to do with a or am being sat in my house, it's because it was going to happen any way... no matter what I did or didn't do. It is of course your choice! :0)


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