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My little man Hugo is now 5 weeks and 1day old! Has been fully breastfed until yesterday when horrific colic became too much to cope with! We figured can't be any worse on anti colic bottles and formula!

now much better regards to colic and wind so great decision!

He is on aptamil anti colic and constipation for newborn

Problem is, he last pooed at 6pm ish on Thursday night! He has had water between feeds and still nothing! How long can he go without pooing before I should worry!?!


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Health visitors & midwifes do usually say a newborn baby should at least do a poo every 2 days or so

Does he seem to be uncomfortable for etc.... straining of any kind ?

I had a simular constipation problem with my son when he was born "4yrs ago"

In the end I resulted in having to exercise his legs gently into his stomach to move his bowel

Let us know how you get on



i was told anything from 1 in 7 days to 7 in 1 day was normal ! that was with my 3yo . he constantly pooed , he was on antibiotics so apparenty it makes them loose , I was worried when I didn't get a poo every nappy change .

as long as he didn't have problems in doing them in the 1st place I cant c a problem , also the poo is different off a breast feed to formula , after 4 weeks I did both with my son and could tell which was which. if your concerned phone HV , midwife ,nip to chemist or make a docs appointment if ur worried . how regular was he in previously ? if he was doing a couple a day then none in a couple of days then maybe get him checked , pretty sure they cant do much with them though. I know at my gps u can get a phone appointment , if they don't have an visit available and ur worried , sometimes just the reassurance is enough.

also infacol ( think that's what it was called , it helps getting wind up , its a little white bottle and I believe orange flavour u give b4 each feed ) was a big help .


Thanks girls! He managed it at 10pm Saturday night then again Sunday morning nothing since though but less concerned now! He is fine and happy just a little uncomfortable sometimes!

He wad going about 6 times a day at 1st then we started him on the infacol and this seemed to caused him to only go once a day then he went onto formula and it seems to now be every couple of days but figure he will become more regular once his little digestive system has got used to everything!! :0)


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