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How can i get my emotions to stop overriding everything i do?

My partner seems to wanna split me up from the family i have living close by. Weve been invited out to two events and he wont go with me to either becuase he doesnt like my family. Out of all my near by family he only likes my mum and he makes it clear every time we get invited to an event. I duno how to feel and being 25 weeks pregnant i dont feel great about bringing a baby into this type of relationships where he openly admits and shows how much he despises (his words) my family. I dno if my emotions are over the top or what.

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Has something happend recently between your partner & the members of your family for him to be feeling this way?

As you are 25wks pregnant I can understand your emotion of wanting to settle things

You could possibly try inviting the family members around to your place "for a few hours" when you know your partner is home.



has he never liked your family and is there a reason. I can understand your frustrations, has your family said how they feel about him? My boyfriend is very shy and I have such a big family so when we go to events he doesn't say too much which gives the majority of my family the impression he is bored or doesn't like them and I am forever telling them he is just shy and having to tell him to open up a bit as when the baby comes (in 5 weeks for me) we will be having visitors from both families and he cant be shy then and your boyfriend wont be able to keep up the fact he doesn't like your family when the baby is around your family as that isn't a good environment for a child to be in which you should maybe say to him. do you see his family much? sit down with him and talk to him and ask him what and why he doesn't like your fam and tell him you don't feel great bringing a baby into that kind of relationship/environment. x


I know how you feel to an extent! My partner doesn't spend time with my family. He has his reasons, mainly to do with certain aspects of my upbringing but i still see my family regularly. I really don't think ur emotions are the problem here. I think how yr feeling is justified. Maybe just have a talk with ur partner and explain u need ur family around u right now and he has to learn not to speak ill of ur family now, before baby arrives, as it won't belong until baby is picking up on what's being said. Good luck with everything and enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy x


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