8/9 weeks, strong cramps and bad ALL DAY sickness ;(

Heyy :)

Im about 8/9 weeks pregnant.

1st midwife appointment next week.

I was getting positive results on ASDA home-pregnancy test 11 days befor my period was even due.. After a very light period the month befor.

About 2 weeks ago I began getting quite severe headaches which brought on nausea & vomiting.

Im also experiencing strong cramping pains...

In my head Im positive its twins lol, what do yous think??

Do u think I could be further?

Im so anxious!!!

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You need to visit your GP if the midwife cannot see you sooner. Strong cramping pains are unusual but then bodies are different.


Oh god uv worried me now.

Im waiting on a call back from GP now for advice on anti-sickness so I'll mention it to her then.

I don't rem feeling this unwell or cramps with my first baby :/ xx


Sorry I didn't mean to worry you. Every woman and very pregnancy is different. Also every person has a different pain threshold. Have a nice bath and try to relax and not do too much work.



I dont wanna say anything which could worry you any further as every woman & every pregnancy is carried differently.

Bearing in mind its also friday it might be a bit tricky to see your G.P today but u never know.

The best advise i'd say is take it easy (as much as possible) & see how you feel in a few days, it could just be something like growing pains.



Hi I would rest and don't do to much everyone's pregnancy is different with my first I had the same as yourself and I now have a healthy 3 year old with my son it was completely different I never experienced anything like I did with my daughter. if your worried go to your local walk in centre or A&E and explain to them and get checked over and reassurance but as I say try not to worry and relax


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