How are people getting on with exercise?

Pre-pregnancy I was really fit and active, teaching and taking part in Zumba and Ballroom & Latin dancing for 6-10 hours a week.

From 6-13weeks I didn't really do much cos I was quite sicky, so felt frustrated and fat!

Since then I've slowly built my fitness back up through swimming and aqua aerobics and am back doing Zumba and dancing.

I'm currently 25+5 and 3-4 hours vigorous exercise a week plus gentle walking etc. Just wondering how long it's OK to do this for and how other people are getting on?

Is anyone else still working out? I don't think I could give it up completely, I'd go mad with frustration. Just planning to tone it down as the bump gets too heavy.

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The advice I was given by doctors and midwives was that I can do whatever exercise I was doing before pregnancy but I should not start anything new. Basically they are saying if your body is used to something and you have already built the muscles for this you will be fine. Radcliffe was running marathons at 6 months pregnant!

The other piece of advice was to tone down the exercise as the pregnancy progresses because it is not good to put the baby and the tummy muscles through too many vibrations.

Finally you should be working out with trainers that have been accredited to work with pregnant women as there are some exercises/ types of movement you should not do.


Well I'm 37 weeks now and still going to the gym. Just avoiding anything that works the core and anything high impact as it's easier to damage joints which are more relaxed during pregnancy. I've swapped running for cross trainer and static bike, keeping up on legs (squats, lunges, calf raises) and arms (bicep curls, tri dips etc), making sure I don't get too hot and drinking lots of water. I'm finding that the exercise is really helping to keep my energy levels up.


Wow you are acitive. I was just doing 20mins walking in the morning and then sorting my horse out. I stopped the walking when we started having the really hot weather as I just couldn't be bothered. It is only the start of this week that I have started walking again as I have put 2 stone on at 28 weeks so got abit scared of putting more on.


I am 23 weeks and have carried on my regular routine, the only thing I don't do is abdomnial exercise, I still do boocamp in the park, boxing, circuits and weight training using free weights. I was told to carry on as long as I feel good, the only other advice I was given was that once you are past 27 weeks, you should feel the baby move within half hour of exercising if you dont it could indicate that you might be working out too hard.


Thanks for all the tips guys.

I'll keep going until my body tells me to stop I think then!

Bd123, yep, I've taken a lot of jumping out of zumba and the body pumping has been toned down ;0)

I agree though ladies, thinking exercise actually increases my energy levels and not the other way round.

Good luck and happy and healthy pregnancies to you all xXx


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