GP done, Booking appt next

So exciting telling my GP today about the pregnancy, it felt so good to actually say it out loud! I'm pregnant, yippee! He was great about my EDD too and accepted my estimation over the LMP date since he understands my ridiculously irregular periods. We've plumped for March 31st as a date to aim for, although he thinks more likely April. I'm now just waiting for the midwife to set my Booking appointment.

I'm thinking of telling my immediate boss quite soon so he's OK about me being a bit tired and the time for appointments. When did anyone else tell theirs?

I'm also wondering if the midwife is going to rock up in an NHS emblazoned car which will blow it with the neighbours! :)

Pleeaaseee next six weeks go quickly so I can tell the world!

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Hey congratulations! So exciting to tell anyone isn't it! I had to tell my work at 6 weeks as it was a physical job and they wanted me to do continuous overnights for two months which really wouldn't have been appropriate in the circumstances! Also at 7 weeks I got a horrendous rash and most of the women at work sussed out it was down to pregnancy hormones lol!! But I stuck to telling those in charge only really :D


I work in a really tight knit group in a call centre and i was so tired i was holding my face off the desk with matchsticks let alone my eyelids lol. My team all guessed so I thought it best to tell them. I was around 6/7 weeks then. They have all been fantastic and really supportive. It was rough to tell my boss though because im only on a temp contract due to finish in august, but yesterday ive been offered a promise of a permanent contract come sept, i felt so relieved that my pregnancy didnt work against me.

Telling ur boss is a completely personal decision, its all about what feels right for ur circumstances. Although if u work a physical or hazardous job, u should really tell them now as they need to risk assess u in accordance with employment health and safety at work act HASAWA 1974.

Also, Im so glad u got a good gp who was understanding of ur EDD situation. I'm sure March seems ages away right now but it wont be long creeping in. Im due end of Jan, 29th, and although it seems ages away, I just keep reminding myself that xmas is only round corner and then i freak out lol. Congrats Doris xx well chuffed for u


I told my team leader at about 6 weeks but only cos I was a nervous wreck and had someone at work to talk to if I needed too, plus I didn't have to fib about where I was going when I had appointments. I didn't tell anyone else (except direct family) until after my 12 week scan and when I'd had the results of the combined screening. Of course lots of the girls claimed that they 'knew it' but it was so good to be able to talk openly about it.

It's such an exciting time, good luck to you x


Haha yes the tiredness! I had to sneak out for an early lunch yesterday and sleep in my car :) and so dizzy today. Odd sensations and I'm sure there's plenty more to come! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations!


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