All over the place!

I just cant seem to focus all of a sudden! Im in a world of my own and my memory is awful now! I keep forgetting things like what i was suppose to do or where i put something, even when ive made arragments or something. Im 15 weeks and 1 day, my belly has started to take shape, but still not that big. Im tired no matter how much i sleep, and im forgetful. Kinda annoying!!

Ive started to write things down and placed post stick notes everywhere!

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  • it happens to us all lol, u will be fine soon enough x

  • Hopefully soon!!


  • Its called baby brain :-D believe me it dont get any better the more you have hehe xx

  • O dear!


  • Yep def baby brain... and it does get worse reminds me of a time just after I had my daughter and I drew £60 out of a cash machine took my cardwalked off and then done it with £20 a week later... but I feel like cotton wool brain at the moment don't finish sentences forget what I was saying... being tired doesn't help! X

  • I know what you mean! Gosh its such a weird feeling, feel like im getting old haha

  • I keep starting sentences then forgetting what I was saying, or not being able to remember a particular word. I'm driving my husband mad! I'm 15 weeks 4 days, and it's only happened this week.

  • Im the same with the other half! I feel bad but then i cant help it lol


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