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So i had a urine checked on tuesday and got a call from doctor:antibiotics again...i've asked receptionist what for as they didnt say nothing and she said strep b.i've read a lot about it and i'm panicking now. has any of you been tested positive?will the antibiotics clear the infection completely?i'm surprised as i dont have any symptoms...what shall i watch out for?i've seen loads of posts about it before but since the settings has changed i cant find any.:(


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  • Dear Neska, please don't be scared! I've had vaginal Strep B infections on and off throughout my life. They do not pause any danger to you. Strep B bacteria normally live in the vagina of most women (1 in 5 pregnant women have it) and when the local environment is a bit disturbed (e.g. hormonal or dietary changes) they proliferate more than normal. Hopefully the infection will clear soon with antibiotics but don't worry if it comes back. It happens during pregnancy.

    The main thing they are concerned about is exposing the baby to strep B when it is born (as it'll come in contact with your vaginal walls). That's why they will also give you antibiotics IV when you give birth and the baby will be protected :-)

  • I've had strep b and antibiotics in labour with all my children...u will to Prob now it's been diagnosed. .. think I've read it can cause prem birth so best to treat it if they pick up on it but lots of women Prob have it and they all have perfectly fine pregnancies so dont worry. ..I don't get checked in my pregnancy they just give me antibiotics in labour... if ur waters go u get 24 hours to give birth and u should have stickers on ur notes saying strep b aware. ..I started having contractions with 2 of my pregnancies at 32 weeks so do wonder if it was strep b....but all my babies are fine xx

  • Aww thank you for reassuring me xx lucky i had my urine checked when i saw consultant cos i'm on antibiotics now and like you both said i'm gonna be watched more and treated during labour.still scary...i rang midwife,gp already and they said the same.i need to stop reading things on the internet cos there is so many stories...i'm 36+1 so even if go into labour now it wouldnt be that bad.but i'm still waiting for the decision about c section (i'll find out on the 6th ) .thanks again and hope you both doing well :)

  • Yeah I read stuff and it's heartbreaking it was first picked up with my first nearly 17 years ago now so I'm so pleased they were aware of it then.... but the public weren't... now we are its better to be informed..I think they should routine check for it x

  • Take the antibiotics! Much nicer than watching your baby have a lumbar puncture and a cannula - trust me :-(

  • Yeah i've already taken 2tablets today.i'm just thinking what could happen if i didnt see consultant on tuesday...:( i dont have any midwife's appointements no more so i thank God for they checked my urine...hope your baby is much better drFluffy and you can go home xx

  • He's being treated for GBS infection... :-(

  • He's being treated for GBS infection... :-(

  • Oh no!he's so tiny and innocent!!!its heartbreaking when your little one suffers from any little illness.i'm sure he's in a good hands.i'll b thinking of both of you dr son had strep B when he was 4and had head open due to the accident.he was fine after loads of medication but i know he was much older.poor little baby :( sending you loads of love and hope he'll respond quickly 2medication xxxx

  • I had it without knowing a year ago, but its too late when I found out I already lost my baby, sad part of it the hospital rang me 2 weeks after that's the only time I found out. It's much better that you discover it early and as long as that you are taking your antibiotics you and your little one will be fine. xx

  • Oh no. I'm so sorry for your loss vhamilton :( i'm lost for words...thats why all pregnant women should be tested for GBS!!!they've only checked my urine b'cos i've seen consultant about elective c section. Otherwise i wouldnt know at all as i wont have any appointments with my midwife...its a joke tbh.i hope you got some support hun xx

  • Hey Neska, how did they pick it up just from a urine sample?? What's anti biotics will they use now you have been diagnosed?? X

  • Hi cheekymonkey3791.i've only had my urine doctor said its probably in my bladder so i'm on amoxcicillin 500mg 3times a day.if i go into labour naturally they gonna give me IV antibiotics.but i'm gonna still push for csection( gonna find out in a week) xx

  • Refer to leading charity. Call them, mail them, simply use their info. Speak to your GP, midwife consultant about Groul B Strep. Link to tge charity via twitter/facebook etc.

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