I keep waking up finding I'm sleeping on my back!

I know ur not supposed to but hard if your doing it in ur sleep! Just wondering if u guys do it...I get paranoid when I wake up and give him a nudge to make sure he is still alive! Also my excema is flaring up have been moisturising as much as poss but I've been using a bit of my sons elecon steroid cream....haven't made it to the docs to get some betnovate which I've used in previous pregnancies..but just wondering if elecon is ok to use? Or too strong...hoping dr fluffy can shed some light ;) x


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  • Hi babymother,

    Im sorry that im unable to offer you any advise about your excema flare-up but im guessing most of it is down the heat / sticky humid nights we're having so the condition should calm down by itself soon enough.

    I also wanted to say that i also find myself sleeping on my back but due to either the baby giving me a good kick or just starting to feel un-comfortable (due to the extra weight) i would usually find myself changing position.


  • To my knowledge mometasone (Elocon) is primarily used for psoriasis not eczema. In addition there is inadequate evidence of safety in human pregnancy. In animals it was found to cause growth retardation. It can be used in pregnancy for a limited amount of time and under medical supervision if the doctor thinks the benefit justifies the risk.

  • Thanks Guys.... think I better be careful using election asi have to use it on my boys do have it on my hands alot. ..I think I will go to g.p and get some betnovate for the boys and myself.... hope it hasn't affected little one! Did Use it quite alt on boys beginning of year but their skin had been great but have only used it on my skin a few times... and u always mix it with cetraban to dilute it a bit. ... and I try and bunch up my quilt under my leg but end up still on my back! Think I'll invest in a pillow as either I'm on my back or over on my belly more! X

  • Please don't worry about having used it. Transdermal delivery of compounds (that is getting a drug into your body through the skin) and building a big concentration in your blood stream takes a loooooooong time. You would have to have been using it for months to worry about it.

    To give you an example I was using an antifungal cream before I found out I was pregnant, which unfortunately is teratogenic (that is clearly proven to cause problems to the little one). The doctor himself reassured me that having used it 7-8 times would not be a problem because not enough harmful substance can get in with a few applications.

  • Thanks xx

  • Elocon is slightly stronger than Betnovate, so would encourage you to see your GP for a formal script. I have psoriasis that flared during my pregnancy and used Betnovate through out trimesters 2 and 3.

    Elocon is prescribed for eczema (and other atopic dermatitis). Xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • Ive noticed i wake up on my back aswell. Im only 14 weeks and 3 days and i worry im causing harm to the lil one in the early days. I havet got a pregnancy pillow yet, but i will invest in one as they sound very useful

  • I never slept on my baby b4 getting pregnant and am waking up like that now too!

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