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My friend is obviously pregnant with all the symptoms, feeling sick, tired, bloated, sore breast, heavy n bigger breast, put on weight name it, n she's done a blood test around 2-3weeks n it was normal n she did a pregnancy test n it came out negative even when she did the clear blue test still negative n now she's missed two months period which is weird n 5weeks to it it was only Brown blood, so she asked me to ask this question if anyone has been in the same suituation n what did they do about it or if they know anyone that is in the same situation? She's thinking of going for a scan tooo


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  • Ask gp to be refered to epu xx

  • Ask your GP for blood test

  • She going for a scan, but is it normal to get negative results sometimes cause apparently clearblue is the most accurate n was still negative

  • She going for a scan, but is it normal to get negative results sometimes cause apparently clearblue is the most accurate n was still negative

  • Ive never heard of it hun but guess it could be possible

    Has she got any pain? Can only wait see what scan shows up xx

  • She's got no pain only brown spotting cause she's meant to have her show

  • She's got no pain only brown spotting cause she's meant to have her show n that was only for 2days

  • You get your show at the end either in labour or a few weeks before. Also called mucus plug xx

  • It is possible the brown blood was her period. The female body is a confusing thing and most of the pregnancy symptoms you describe can also mean there's a rather nasty period on the way. It is uncommon to still be pregnant after having a blood test that has come back negative. I think you have to miss 2 or 3 periods before dr will look into it. There are other medical conditions that can alter or stop your cycle. Personally, I've found worrying about it delays it even further. There's been so many times I've been convinced I was pregnant and I haven't been. Best of luck for your friend, i hope she has an answer soon. X

  • Brown blood is old blood n can't be period n the thing is all this things are new to her n when she has her period she always have bad cramps but this times no cramp or nothing just brown discharge that's not enough to feel the pad

  • I got a negative test off a supermarkets on brand test. It was a blood test that confirmed how high my hcg levels were and then I got sent for a scan and I was 7 weeks. Let us know how she gets on at her scan.

  • She went to a HCG level test when she was newlly 3weeks n it was normal was that suppose to happen?

  • Normally if a woman is not pregnant the HCG levels will be under 5. At around 3 weeks the hcg levels should range between 5-50. Do you know what your friends was?

    I had my first lot of bloods taken and my hcg levels were 2000 and the go receptionist told me that was normal (which obviously isn;t) so get her to find out what levels it is at.

  • Alright we will go checkk

  • Alright we will go checkk

  • Cause she called n the person said its negative n that was all

  • I would go to the Early Pregnany Unit and have a scan - they will almost certainly find a foetus if there is one - I had one at 7 weeks and she was just a blob then but she was there!

  • Where is this pregnancy early pregnancy unit? Have you got their number

  • They won't give you a scan unless you have been referred by a GP and/ or have a confirmed pregnancy. I know because I did the same thing. No period for 50 days, all the signs of pregnancy, multitude of negative tests and a negative blood test and I was still convinced; having had 2 miscarriages, 1 ectopic and 1 successful pregnancy... I was so sure I was pregnant again but nothing. Got told off for going to an emergency place without being referred by GP or having an actual medical emergency being that I didn't have a confirmed pregnancy. It was horrifically embarrassing and, just to top it off, i finally came on the next day. It's possible she might not be as far gone as she thinks; maybe missed a period, then got caught. Try another test in another few weeks. If she reaches her 3rd missed period and still testing negative then her GP would be able to investigate. I understand how frustrating it is when your body is saying one thing and the tests are saying another. One way or another she'll find out eventually. So long as she's not getting major abdominal pain or loosing masses of blood then whatever is going on is not harming her. :) Best of luck

  • Thanks a lot, she just called but they said you can't get a scan without a confirm pregnancy result like you just said, she's going thru same sutiuation as you are now but its really stressing her out, she's my best friend n am concierned too

  • We will go book appointment to see Gp again n see if he can refer her for the early scan, do you think he'd do that?

  • Aw it is so stressful. I've been trying to conceive since October '12. Each monthly wait for my period is a nightmare. I've started just ignoring it. I think stressing can delay your period even more and even cause symptoms because you start analysing every little thing your body is doing. There are other things such as polycystic Ovaries and i forget the name of the other one that causes irregular bleeding. Hope she has luck at the Drs. My Dr said they look into it after 3 missed periods if they still cant confirm a pregnancy, but I recon that might be different for another dr; they might do, or even do another blood test since the first was so early. X

  • So how did you get your early scan?

  • I didn't. I did when i was pregnant because I was bleeding, in pain and had a history of ectopic and miscarriages. They test your waters as soon as you get in there to check you're pregnant.

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