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Back to back baby

Hi Ladies,

I am now 38+2 and getting so excited to meet L/O. In some ways I feel like I've been pregnant forever and then I feel like it's just flown by!

I had a check up with the midwife at 36 weeks and she poked and prodded bump more than she usually does, then said baby had turned back to back. All along we were doing great - baby was head down and facing my back.

I have been given a leaflet with some exercises to do and I'm sitting on my birthing ball.

Has anyone else experienced baby turning back to back? Do they turn themselves the right way again? Apparently you get a lot of back pain with baby in this position but I haven't had that much - I have a really low pain threshold so I would definitely be feeling it!

Thanks xx

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oldestnewest son was back to back (9years ago).i dont wanna scare you but my labour was very painful and loongggg..the midwife did not realise he was that way till the dr came after over 20hrs.i wouldnt be able to push him out in my own.they used ventouse and he was out.i wish they've checked me hours before cos i was dilated straight away.but that was my experience and your baby may still turn. Did they say it could happen?with this baby i'm in the same situation.she's not had down yet but i've still got 6weeks left.but she's back to back as well and one of the midwives i've seen said they would do csection knowing if she wont turn.i know it sounds bad but i hope she wont as i requested c section anyway.just waiting to hear from consultant.hope your baby wont be stubborn and will turn xx


Hi Neska,

The midwife did say baby could still turn - I have heard that back to back labour can be longer and more painful. Did you get any exercises to do?

I am seeing the midwife next week so hopefully baby will co-operate. Good luck with your little one - I hope it goes to plan! xxx


Hi hun, my 2nd baby was born back to back. We didnt know he was until he was born

I think all labours and birth are painful and long but him being back didn't make it anymore difficult than my first birth but obv it is different for everyone but you can do it whether bubs turns or not lol xx


We didnt know he was back to back but that proves how experienced my midwife was lol if after 20hours she didnt know why he wasnt moving.but that was 9years ago...this time my midwife noticed just from feeling my bump.i'm gonna see head of midwives on thursday as she's taking over and i'll let you know.i'm terrified that the same thing will happen but like 2princess1princess said every person and labour is different.i didnt get any excersices as i'm banned from doing anything like this due to SPD.all i can do is sit on my ball lol xx


Hi I don't know if this will help but I'll share with you anyway. During pregnancy yoga classes we were encouraged to crawl on all fours on the premise that gravity would help baby to align its spine opposite mothers i.e. not be back to back, positions where you are leaning more forward were also supposed to be good. I have also heard for other women that back to back labours can be longer and harder work so I wish you luck, and maybe your baby will turn around for you, you still have a couple of weeks :)


Hi ladies,

Thanks for your comments.

Mamacool I have tried crawling around on all fours (must have looked like a nutter when the Postman walked passed the window, lol). I might give the kitchen floor a few scrubs to help as well.

I'm seeing the midwife next week, so hopefully baby will co-operate. Like you say Neska, at least we know and she's noted it in my file!

2princes1princess, that's encouraging as it's my first baby so not sure how labour is going to go anyway and getting a little nervous as the time draws nearer. As you say, they're all long and painful!

Can't wait to meet the l/o who's been my permanent companion xxx


Its amazing and you do forget how much it hurts once your getting those first cuddles :-) good luck with midwife keep us posted on bubs xxx


Every single one of my babies has been back to back. My first labour was no longer than anyone else's first baby. Try not to worry too much about it xx


Hi there, three of four have started out back to back, all of them have turned during labour, after I had spent weeks and weeks trying to persuade them! The main difference to my non-btb was that I had some days of on -again-off-again contractions before which made it hard to say when I actually was going into labour! In terms of the pain the contractions were similar but I had backache in between them rather than no pain with non-btb baby. My first was a bit more difficult but I would say that had a lot more to do with my labour being induced before baby was ready than the btb position. Subsequently I used a birth pool which helped enormously with the backache (and made it really easy to be in comfortable all fours type positions) and I wouldn't say those labours were more painful than non-btb baby. Hopefully your baby will flip round before things get going but I think most turn during labour anyhow - the main concern is that the head doesn't come so easily btb - if baby isn't turning in labour walking upstairs sideways was what my MW advised - and it worked! Best wishes.


Hi Ladies,

That's really encouraging Pootlespw that your labours weren't any worse and everything went ok!

NanKing I didn't realise they could turn in labour? Did you feel this when it happened? We live in a bungalow so I might try the stairs at Mums.

Midwife appt tomorrow so I'm crossing fingers baby has turned. I think I've definitely dropped over the last few days because I can feel my bump pressing against my thighs which I couldn't before and I noticed I'm sitting with legs wiiiiiiide open as well. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

I'll fill you in after the m/w - thanks for the comments xxx


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