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Calling dr fluffy calling dr fluffy

Hope you don't mind me asking...thought you could shed some light...I've noticed that I've started to get some pupura ( at least that's what I think it's called) on my skin I noticed one in the crease of my arm last week which has gone but now noticed one on my it something I should be concerned about? Just wondering if it has anything to do with me feeling ill as well?

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This post made me laugh (NOT that you are feeling ill!!) but at how much of a godsend Dr.Fluffy is on this site! Everyone will be gutted when she has her bubba and is too busy being a mummy to answer everyone lol. I'm currently ttc and I have always thought how much I hope there's someone like her on here when it's my turn! (Or even better if she sticks around lol).

Anyway, sorry, this was a totally useless post! Really hope you feel better soon, I'm sure dr fluffy will give you good advice as always.

Dr. Fluffy you're a legend lol

T xxx


I Know we have been blessed especially when u don't get a sympathetic dr or midwife dr fluffy is brilliant Thanks dr fluffy! X


They Are like little dots of purple bruises don't know where i remember that name from dr fluffy said petachaie so maybe it's that lol


Haha! A girl could get a big head!

How many and what size? Purpura or petichiae? If it's the odd one, that's normal. Anything more might warrant a full blood count to check your platelets and an INR to check your clotting and a BP check.

Are they in areas of sweating? Could be heat related? If worried, get yourself checked out.



Hi Thanks for the reply. . There Has been about 3 but when one goes I see another one. . And then I slightly scratched myself and it came out in an instant bruise! Not in sweaty areas..I rang maternity triage and they told me to go and get checked out my platelets are 212 and iron is 12.8 so don't really know why I'm bruising so easily. . But just to keep an eye on it x


Bruising can be an immunological phenomenon - and pregnancy is the ultimate assault in your immune system, as your little parasite, roughly 50% someone else's odd, odd DNA, trys to evade capture... As such, pretty much anything goes. So long as your bloods etc check out, monitoring is probably the way forward! X


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