breast growth?

I am 30 weeks today but was wondering how common it is for your boobs not to grow at all during pregnancy, I am still wearing the same bras as pre pregnancy and they are not tight they feel the same. I know some people notice a sizeable difference but that is one part of me that hasn't grown, I know I still have 10 weeks but just thought I might have noticed a change in size? has anyone else experienced this at this stage? x

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I'm 36+1 and still in my pre-pregnancy bras. A lot of my male friends say they are bigger (!) but I think that's the push up effect of my bump! I was quite big booked to start though (32G).

yes my friends say they are bigger (maybe fuller) but I didn't believe they were, yes I am a 36d so not small before but I am glad I am not the only one.

LOL, yes I had the same concern, I am downright flat chested from teenage until now, I am pregnant now and I am not looking for then to grow either. When I was pregnant before no tenderness, no growth absolutely nothing has change, when I got to 19 weeks and I had a miscarriage and the following day my boobs were so big I was wondering if someone hit me during the night, they were so swollen and painful, I cried all night, nothing could touch then, I had was to slept on my back. Every woman is different and our bodies are design totally different. I am feeling my breast just now and no tenderness or any changes has been felt or seen, it's just a strange thing happen in nature.

I noticed for me from week 8 that i had grown. Some people shrink slightly wen pregnant others grow. But everyone is different.

Hi there, I'd just like to say that even though I did have some boob growth during pregnancy, it was nothing compared to when my milk came in during the days after baby was born. The size of your boobs is not much to be concerned about really, as they will work just fine.

In fact the larger the boob the more tricky it can be to get breastfeeding because you can't quite see what your doing some of the time. (Of course breastfeeding is largely down to choice but I would recommend it not just for the health benefits to the baby and mum but because of the bonding between you which is unbelievably precious) :)

i wish i could say mine havent grown. im 31 weeks and have bought 3 different size bras since being pregnant. and to top it off, the tops of my boobs are the only place i have stretch marks!! :( xx

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